You have to do it YOUR way

When you start a business there is SO. MUCH. NOISE.

Everyone has the “magic bullet…” to:

  • Make 6-figures in 90 days
  • Become a Social Influencer
  • Magnetize high paying clients

And it’s loud.

Here’s the deal, friend. You have to do it YOUR way. What works for you. For your business. Your goals. Your family. Your bandwidth.

This week’s podcast is all about throwing out what “they” say – and building the business of YOUR dreams (not theirs…)

One reply on “You have to do it YOUR way”

Hey Ryann,

This podcast was a great eye-opener for me. My two take aways were cut back on the noise and do what’s good and what works for ME! Needed that today as I look at a whiteboard that has far too much of THEM!

Thank you.


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