What To Do When It Feels Like Nothing Is Working

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I’ve tried it all. I post to Facebook all the time. I use Instagram stories. I interact with people on LinkedIn. I go live ALL the time. Nothing is working….

Any of that sound familiar?

I’ve not only heard it all before – I’ve personally experienced it, too. You feel as if you’re doing ALL the things and NOTHING is working. It’s frustrating. It’s lonely. If you’re a high achiever, it’s almost embarrassing. I know.

You have two choices here.

Give Up.


Figure. It. Out.

My business coach gave me the amazing advice to think “I will figure this out, no matter what” every time I get frustrated. It’s unbelievable how different you look at things through that lense.

But, today’s blog is not about mindset. It’s about what do actually DO when you feel like nothing is working. I’m going to tell you what I did and what actually happened ….after months and months of feeling frustrated and helpless.

Show up.

My first step towards taking control of my business was to start Showing Up. Every Day. Even when you don’t feel like. Even when it feels like noone is listening. Even when you don’t feel good, you’re exhausted, you have sick kids, etc. Show up.

Why is this so important? Because your followers will notice your inconsistency. Not in an obvious way, but in a subtle way. There’s a lot of noise out there, my friend. If you’re not talking to them – someone else is. You want your ideal client to feel like you are EVERYWHERE. And that only happens when you show up.

How do you do it?! Map out a plan. Come up with different themes for different days. Create social media templates. Write out your content ahead of time. Do everything you need to do to make it as simple as possible to show up every day.

Answer every question you get. Use live video. Don’t just post your own content, interact with other people’s content.

Just show up. Your business will improve.

Start Inviting People Into Your World

Whether it’s your Facebook group, email list, or whatever – you have to invite people in.

Believe it or not, people aren’t just going to raise their hands and buy stuff from you. Eventually, yes, it will feel like that. But not without doing the leg work ahead of time. You have to TELL people what you want them to do. You have to invite them into a conversation.

You might have heard, but social media has a mind of it’s own. Posting once or twice about your amazing Facebook group or incredible free resource ….isn’t going to get you anywhere. Marketing is a reach and frequency game.

Which is why you have to reach out to people and ASK them to be part of your world. Notice, I didn’t say you have to cold pitch really salesy, spammy messages to strangers. I said connect with and invite new people into your world.

Then, nurture. Serve. Nurture. Serve.

Ask. Ask. Ask.

You want to book more Discovery Calls? You have to ASK more people to jump on discovery calls with you. You want to launch a group program – you have to ASK people to be in the group.

We assume that because we have a business and because we’re showing up every day and because we’ve invited people in that people KNOW how to buy from us. Shocklingly, they don’t. You have to ASK people to buy from you.

Again, at some point, your business will be a well oiled marketing machine and your visibility will be through the roof and you’ll be making money while you sleep. BUT – in the meantime, you have to ask people to buy from you. You have to tell them what problem you solve, how you solve it, and why you’re the person to solve it for them specifically. Then – ASK for the sale.

While all of this MAY seem like an oversimplification, I think if you’re really really honest with yourself about what’s going on in your business – you aren’t doing these things every single day.

I know that I wasn’t.

I had a small FB group that was growing by 3-4 people a week. I wasn’t reaching out and inviting new people to be part of my world, my email list was stagnant at best. And I certainly wasn’t asking for business often enough – and I was rarely jumping on Discovery Calls.

What happened when that changed?

I grew my Facebook group by 200 people in January.

The group is active and engaged.

People now show up to my Monday night live trainings.

I grew my email list by about 150 people in January.

I made more money in January than I did all of Q4.

By taking the steps I mentioned above.

Show up.

Invite People In.


I always see posts in Facebook groups asking “what would you go back and tell yourself at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey?” My answer is always the same. Focus on revenue generating tasks first. The rest is secondary.

To be clear, what is considered a revenue generating activity?

Show up.

Invite People In.


Got it?! Good.


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