Three Types of Calls You Should be Running in Your Business to Connect with New People and Start Getting Clients.

Three Types of Calls You Should be Running in Your Business to Connect with New People and Start Getting Clients. 


Welcome to Uncensored Sales TV. I’m your host Ryann Dowdy, sales coach that helps high achieving women leave their nine to five and build six figure businesses. So there’s a lot of talk in the world about sales conversations, right? You have to  book sales calls and sales calls are important. They’re definitely part of the three, but there’s two other calls in your business, but are really fantastic ways for you to grow your network, practice talking about your business and ultimately get clients, right? 


#1. Coffee Chats

So the first type of call that should be running into your business is what we call coffee chats. A connect call of some kind. This is if you are in the traditional space, if you are in a traditional business, brick and mortar business, non-online entrepreneurship, currently, this is just coffee, right? People, coffee, all of the time, right? We go out, we sit down, we have a conversation with someone and we learn about them and it really is in an effort to network. So this call is very much a networking call or you are meeting somebody new and sharing information about both of you, not with an intention to sell anything to anyone, but to build your network.

Another reason that I really love connect calls, other than the opportunity to build relationships, it’s also an opportunity for you to practice talking about your business. If your business is new, if you are new to your business, you probably haven’t gotten the language down. You don’t know 100% what words to use, how exactly to describe what you do, all of those different things. So when you have these coffee chats, these networking conversations, you’re really able to practice talking about your business and getting really, really comfortable, asking questions, getting to know people, because I don’t want the first time you’re having a conversation about your business being on the phone with an ideal client.


So connect calls, networking calls are really fantastic for building relationships and practicing talking about your business. There’s three things that you’re looking for in that networking call. One, does this person fit the profile of an ideal client? Is this someone I could potentially help too? Is this a potential referral partner? Does this person work with the same kind of client that I work with where we could potentially refer business to one another? And then three, is this person potentially a collaboration partner, somebody that maybe you could do a guest expert training in a Facebook group, or be a guest on a podcast or a YouTube channel or come inside somebody’s mastermind and do a training on something specific. So we are building our network for all of those different reasons, not just to get clients. It’s very important that you understand that the purpose of this call is to not sell anything yet.


The purpose of the call is literally to build a relationship and determine which one of those three buckets does this person fit in. I strongly recommend that you are running these into your business weekly. If not weekly, then multiple times a week. Depending what situation you’re in within your business, whether that’s full-time, part-time, whatever that looks like for you. But really having these networking conversations often becomes super, super important. And then remember, I very strongly believe that the more people that know about your business, the more money that you make. So every networking conversation is an opportunity to get to know that person’s network. That person knows people. That person can say, I just had a conversation with this life coach the other day, or I just talked to a digital marketing strategist or I just talked to an Instagram specialist the other day, you should connect with them.

So this call is super, super valuable. I actually saw a post on social media recently, where somebody said that this call was a waste of time. It’s just a waste of time to go out in the world and talk to random people?

Well, everyone starts as a random person, right?

Every single person starts as a random person until you build a relationship with them. You constantly hear the phrase over and over again that your network is your net worth. And if we only get into conversations with potential clients and with people we think could be potential clients then we miss that opportunity to grow a network of people who become referral partners, collaboration partners and friends. People that can help you do whatever it is you need to do. Think about the idea of somebody who knows everyone. That person can give you a referral, that person gives you an introduction, you should reach out to that person, etc. Your goal is to become that person because when you can provide value to all of those people, then you know your value immensely goes through the roof and the opportunity for your business to grow, for you to get clients, instantly goes through the roof. So the first type of call you should be running is the networking call. 


#2. Strategy Calls

The second type of call you should be running is the strategy call. So the strategy call is for you. If you do have an audience, you have some people that are your ideal clients. So maybe this isn’t a Facebook group, maybe this is an email list, your Instagram audience, wherever you hang out online, but offering a totally free no pitch session. And the reason that I recommend doing this, is there’s a lot of people that never work for free.

The reason I love this strategy call is that it is an instant payment in the value bank. If you’ve watched my video where I talk about the things that you don’t need in your business, things like: email lists, websites, freebies, social media content, etc. You don’t need those things, but a really great way to provide value to someone is to help them solve a problem for free. If you can get on the phone with somebody for 20 minutes and give them a good idea or a tip or a trick or something that they can take and run with in their business or in their life, that’s super valuable for them and is a fantastic way to provide value. Another reason that I love love, love these calls is the opportunity to learn what challenges people are facing because at the beginning we might not be 100% sure of that problem that we solve or the results that we can help our clients get.

So, when we’re not clear on that, these strategy sessions really help you learn what questions to be asking? What do they think that I do? What is their viewpoint of how I can help them, and get clear on what your role is. So, it’s a major payment into the value bank, which is a huge opportunity. The law of reciprocity is big here. The more value you provide, the more value you’re going to get back, whether it’s from that person or from someone else. I ended up with the opportunity to learn so much about potential clients and who they are and the questions that they ask and the language that they use; because as an expert in what you do, it’s very easy for you to talk over someone’s head without even realizing that you’re doing it.


I remember at the very beginning of my business, it was back in 2018, and I was prepping for 2019 and I was mapping out our revenue and sales plan for 2019.

I did this whole campaign and I was super excited about it. I had an offer that went with it and all these other things and I found that I actually was talking over my ideal client’s head.

They didn’t use words like revenue plans, revenue projections, or sales plans yet because my audience was brand new entrepreneurs and they don’t necessarily even know those things yet. So while I put together this beautiful, fantastic campaign, it wasn’t really relevant to my ideal client.

I was talking over their head and it wasn’t until I offered these no pitch strategy sessions and got on the phone with about 15 different people that I was like, Oh my goodness, this is my ideal client! This is who I can support! This is what I’m good at! I can talk to this person and I can solve problems for these people!

But for a long time, I was just pumping out things that I thought that people needed and wanted instead of actually getting into conversations. And even at this point in the game, in our business, years later, we still do free strategy sessions and that helps us keep our ear to the ground and really understand what words are people using. Where are they at in their journey? And being really clear who we’re bringing into our community, so we can continue to serve them well.

So no matter where you are in your business, the strategy session is a really great use of time. Obviously you want to live it, then you don’t need to do 100 of them. You know, you can literally say, Hey, I offer 10 of these every single month. And if they’re 20 minute calls, it’s only a few hours of your time. But the information that you learn, the relationships that you build and then the future opportunities for those people to either become clients or refer you clients is huge. 


#3. Sales Call

And then finally there is the sales call, the discovery call, the consultation, the consult, whatever you call it in your business. And this is one that I see missing from most people’s calendars. This is hugely important, because if you don’t have sales calls, you don’t have clients. You have to be actively booking sales calls in your business, every single day. Your goal should be to have sales calls on your calendar every single week. In the beginning, this might not happen for you and that’s okay. But I really want you to start thinking, am I running enough sales calls? Am I running enough sales calls to hit my goals? And if the answer to that question is no, you really need to go back to the drawing board. Am I not making enough invitations? Am I not asking enough people? Am I not having enough conversations?

Really think through, are there sales calls on your calendar? Even if you are fully booked.

So maybe you are a health coach and you’re full of clients right now. You’re not actively taking on new clients, but here’s the deal, how long are you going to work with your clients? What if one of your clients canceled? What if their circumstances change? What if your contracts are up? You want to make sure that you constantly have people coming into your business. So this is a very important part. Whether it’s creating a wait list or telling somebody: hey, my next onboarding opportunity is in four weeks or whatever that looks like, but we never want to stop running sales calls. 


So the three types of calls you should be running in your business are the networking call, that connect call, that is super, super important for a multitude of reasons. The second one, is the strategy call, deposit that payment into the value bank, that opportunity to learn about people, that opportunity to build relationships. And then finally making sure there are sales calls actively on your calendar. I honestly believe that this should be happening every single week. There should be sales calls on your calendar. So I want you to really go through, look at your schedule. How is your schedule mapped out right now and figure out where you have time for these types of calls? This is the income producing activity in your business. This is where you should be spending your time. So if you feel like: Hey, I don’t have time right now to get these calls on my calendar, there’s just no way I can run that number of calls, then it’s time to really take an audit of your time and where you’re spending it. That time really driving revenue in your business is really impacting you getting clients. Because these are the things that 100% should be on your calendar week in and week out.


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