The Only 3 Types of Content You Should be Creating Until you hit $100k in your business

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Hello, amazing woman in business.
I am super excited that you’re here today.

I’m going to teach you the only three kinds of content that you need to create in your online business until you’re making $100k.

I’m going to give you three really clear examples of the best way for you to establish trust, credibility, and build relationships with potential clients without spending hours and hours and hours behind your computer, pushing out content. Sound good? Awesome.

My name is Ryan Dowdy and I am a sales coach, and I specifically work with brand new entrepreneurs like you to help you build a business that makes money by mastering your sales conversations and your sales mindset.

You probably, much like me when I was early on in my journey, watched a lot of YouTube videos, listened to a lot of podcasts, and followed a lot of influencers that told you to put out content, start a blog, start a podcast, and start a YouTube channel. I truly believe that until you make $100k, none of those things are necessary in your business.


Because when you’re brand new in business, there is nobody watching your content. There is nobody reading your content. There’s nobody visiting your website. There’s nobody listening to your podcast. And I know that that may sound a little frustrating and you’re like, wait, but, um… and I hear you, but just stick with me here. Your first few clients, maybe your first three, five, six clients are going to come from sales. They’ll come from human to human connection from going out into the world! Whether digitally, or in person and connecting to people, build relationships, and then, when appropriate have sales conversations. This has nothing to do with your blog, nothing to do with your podcast, and nothing to do with your YouTube video.

To be honest with you, early on in your business, your business is going to evolve and change so many times over the coming weeks, months, and years, that even if you were to start all of those things, they would change. I know that because that happened to me! When I started the sales coaching business, it was actually a career and life coaching business for women in their early twenties. Obviously over time, it evolved. I figured out where I really needed to be. So, I really strongly encourage you to stick to these three things:

#1 Content that Creates Value.

What do we mean by that? How do we create value in our content? I like to think of this as your best tips, tricks and ideas. I am of the belief that you cannot give away too much.

I do not think we can give away too much for free. So if you are a freelancer and you are really fantastic at setting up email sequences, maybe you put out a really great social post that is about the top three things to think about when setting up your email sequence. You’re not giving away the information, and they won’t hire you. You’re showing them that, you know what you’re talking about. You’re building trust. You’re building credibility. You’re building authority because you know something about something. Or maybe you’re a bookkeeper and you really love to use QuickBooks. Maybe you put out a top five or a checklist on all the things that you need to set up QuickBooks online. Super valuable piece of content, super easy, and should not take you a ton of time.

Now, where do I put this content? That’s going to be your next question. I know. And it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter where you put the content. It’s where you’re networking from. So, if you’re hanging out on Facebook, and that’s how you’re connecting, put it out on Facebook. Instagram? Put it out on Instagram. If you’re hanging out on LinkedIn, put it out on LinkedIn. If you’re meeting people in person, LinkedIn is probably going to be your platform anyway. It really doesn’t matter what platform you use. Use the platform where you are networking and connecting from and where you’re spending the most time.

#2 Educational Content

So Ryann, what’s the difference between value, content and educational content?

So glad you asked. Value content is you teaching your craft. Education content is teaching about what you do. There are so many people out there that don’t know what a virtual assistant does. There’s a lot of people out there that don’t know that there are online bookkeepers and social media managers and what that job might look like. Digital marketers, whatever it is that you do, you have to educate people that it’s even available. There are so many people out there, whether they’re running in-person businesses or online businesses, that don’t know that you exist.

You want to educate them on your industry, educate them on the things that you’re really, really good at, educate them on all of the things that are available to them by having access to whatever it is that you do. So, remember, providing value is teaching all the stuff that you’re really good at, and educational is educating potential clients that the work that you do is even available.

#3 Connection

People do business with people. They want to feel connected with you. They want to feel like they know you. You’ve probably heard before the know like, and trust factor. Know, like, and trust. How do we get to know someone, like someone, and trust someone? We have to know them as a person.

So we’ve built authority, right? We provided some value. We’ve educated them that your industry is available in there to serve them. But then, they have to get to know you. And not just you, the business owner, it’s you, the person. Don’t be afraid to lean into being a real human. As a corporate America dropout, I 1000% struggled with this early on in my business journey. I struggled with telling my story about being a mom. I struggled with showing up in a flannel shirt!

I came very polished from a director level corporate job and really had to lean into being myself. The more that I leaned into being myself, and the more that I leaned into telling my story, the more clients I’ve been able to get. Why? Because people are able to build a relationship with me very quickly. Because when I’m out networking, they can come back to my profile and learn everything they need to know about me. They see the great value that I put out into the world. They know that a sales coach is available to them. They also know that I am a wife and a mom and a Christian because I’m constantly putting out those things.

So, valuable content, educational content, and connection content.

That is the only kind of content I truly believe that you need if you are making less than $100k. You should not be spending more than 30 minutes to 60 minutes a week putting out content.

I know that that might be a huge shift, and that might feel really scary to you because you’ve been hiding behind your content for the past six months (and you’ve been calling that productivity),

But, what is most productive until you hit consistent $8,000 months is really going out and connecting with people and serving and answering questions and networking, wherever that is for you.

If you are struggling with your sales process, I have the link for you to my five step proven process. It is jam packed with my exact sales process. This sales process is really going to teach you what do we do once we have leads.

If you want to join a community of other women, just like you, that are growing online service based businesses, you can join us over in the sales skills for women in business community. We would love to have you.

Finally, if you enjoy hanging out on Instagram, follow us @uncensoredsales, we’re constantly putting out sales tips and ideas, and we look forward to seeing you!


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