The #1 Way to Close More Business

Ask more often.

I could end there, but what fun would that be?

Whether we want to admit it or not, sales is a numbers game. And you have to understand those numbers to hit your goal (that’s an entirely different blog post!). But, the best way to increase the amount of new business you win and new clients you work with – is to ask more people to work with you.

I don’t say this to be flippant or to over simplify the challenges you’re having in your business. I say this because it’s 100% true. The more conversations we have with our dream client, the more opportunities we will have to invite them to work with us, and the more of them that will say yes.

Over and above the sheer law of averages the more you ask – the better you get at it. The more objections you hear, and then overcome, the more comfortable you will be.

Remember the first time you drove a car. My guess is that it didn’t come naturally. It was awkward and terrifying at the same time. Asking for business is the same way. The first few times you do it, it will be awkward. And probably terrifying. But, once you do it over and over again – the more comfortable you will become. You’ll be able to easily anticipate objections and overcome them without stumbling and stuttering, because you’re well practiced. Just like you’re way better at driving then you were when you were 15 (right?!).

Let’s do some math, shall we?! Let’s say that 20% of the people you do discovery calls with wind up working with you. YAY for you.

If you do 10 discovery calls – you will bring on 2 new clients. If you do 20 discovery calls – you will bring on 4 new clients. Eventually, your closing rate is likely to improve, to let’s say, 30%. Then – 10 discover calls = 3 and 20 = 6. See how that works?!

I’m not proposing that you should go to talk to anyone and everyone about doing business with you. You’re a smart, ambitious business owner and you’re crystal clear on who you work with and who you serve. You shouldn’t change that to ask for business more frequently.

The change comes in your activity. What does that look like, you ask? It’s going to be specific to each of you, but essentially it means to you have to increase your reach. If you’re currently getting leads via FB lives – you might start doing more to increase your lead numbers. Maybe you get leads via YouTube or Paid Ads, increasing the frequency and spend will up your lead numbers.

If you find your prospects via cold calling or networking – you need to make more calls or attend more events. See how that works out?!

I know exactly what your next thought is…

Ryann, if I had time to do MORE, I’d be farther ahead right now. I’d already have more business that I can handle… I’m time-strapped as it is. What do you mean do MORE?

I hear you. And I have a challenge for you.

I want to write down what you do every single work day for 2 weeks. If you check email and shop online at the Gap, write that down. If you go grab a cup of coffee and wind up playing on your phone, write that down. If you budgeted one hour of time to work on social media, but spent 2, write that down.

You get my point. What am I looking to illustrate is that we’re likely wasting time each day on 2 things.

1 – You’re wasting time on things that have nothing do with your business during the time you’ve committed to working on your business.

2 – You’re spending too much time on activities that aren’t generating revenue for you.

I challenge you to really look at your activity and decide where you can replace “activity” with income-producing activity. And yes, I understand that social media is an important part of your business – but it’s also something can be done outside of your prime “selling time.”

Also, this might be a great time to see where you can delegate. If you’re spending time on a task, say that’s design related, and you’re NOT a designer – my guess is that a designer can do that better and faster than you.

When you’re honest with yourself about how you’re spending time your time, I’m 100% confident that you can find more time to generate more sales conversations, and in turn bring on new clients, and live the life you imagined for yourself when you started your business.

If you honestly think that there is NO WAY you can squeeze in more time – please reach out to me directly. We’ll take a look at your day, your calendar, your activities, and find ways for you to squeeze more income producing activities into your day!

The #1 Way to Close More Business

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