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As a business owner, especially an online business owner, how many times have you been told to tell your story?

Be vulnerable. Tell people about your journey. Connect with people emotionally.

I know you’ve heard this before if you’ve spent any time studying how to grow an audience for your online based business. I know this, because I, too, have been told this countless times. Instead of inspiring me to “tell my story” it makes me anxious because “my story” isn’t really that…profound.

You hear story after story of people on food stamps growing 6-figure businesses, and single moms down to their last $20 doing a $47k launch, and so on. I know these stories are meant to connect and inspire, but instead, it makes me feel…boring.

Yep. Boring.

My story isn’t one of “down and out” to “overnight success.”

I haven’t overcome any crazy adversity in my life to get where I am today. In fact, I’m so unbelievably blessed that sometimes I feel guilty about wanting more.

I have a girlfriend that has an incredible story. Single mom (with 2 kids), college drop-out, self taught sales pro that grew her business out of her garage. She traded out her first office space. She gave away websites to grow her following and her audience. She’s amazing and every time I hear her tell her story I’m so proud. And then, I second guess myself.

It’s CRAZY, I know. It’s crazy to think that I am second guessing myself and my ability to grow a successful business because of my own personal journey.

Here is why is it crazy.

Every single time I tell someone my story, they nod and agree. I get a ton of “oh my gosh, me too!” and so many people sharing my goal of long term, financial freedom for my family.

Then why do I second guess myself? Why do I agonize over what to say and how to relate to people?

I’m telling you this, not for sympathy, but to let you know that even the people that seem to be confident or “have it all together” are dealing with their own version of self-doubt.

For instance, I am 110% confident in my ability to teach sales, sales process, sales conversations, and sales training. No questions asked.

I struggle with other parts of my business that I KNOW come naturally to others.

I’m also sharing this to give you the confidence to tell your story and connect in a way that is authentic to YOU! I’m not overly emotional. I am full of passion and excitement in what I do and the audience I have the amazing opportunity to serve. I get fulfillment out of my work. And after hearing over and over again that I have to put more emotion into my content and my messaging and struggling with being able to do that – I decided to just be myself. To share in a way that feels good to ME! To use words that make sense to ME not because they evoke some sort of emotional response.

I am not naive enough to believe that I can grow a business without connection – nor am I saying that I’m not good at connection. Overly emotional just isn’t MY style.

I’m learning to be okay with it.

I am learning to be okay with doing things that feel good to me, not doing things because it work for someone else. I’m learning to be okay with my story being boring. I’m learning to grow my business in a way that works for me. Because, at the end of the day – that’s all you can do.


Tell your story.

Whether it’s sad, boring, exciting, full of adversity, or a total cakewalk. Because your person, your ideal client – that’s the kind of story they’re looking for!

And, as a bonus for hanging out this long – here is my story:

I grew up in sales. I got my first sales job directly out of college and LOVED it. I loved being in control of my income. I continued to pursue a career in sales, teaching myself the craft along the way. I went from individual contributor, to sales trainer + coach, to territory manager, to building and growing my own sales team.

When I got married, I was traveling the country, training sales reps. My husband and I knew that was my career and my path – and we were both on board. We agreed that it would be a lot of hard work, but worth it. Even when we decided to start a family together, the plan was for my career to continue.

I was fortunate enough, after having my son, to find a job working for a local company that allowed me to stop traveling and build my own team. It was my Dream Job.

In many ways, it is still my Dream Job. I still work full-time as the Director of Sales for iFocus Marketing. I love the people I work with, love the team I lead, and am proud of the results we get for our clients. In a little less than two years, we’ve grown to 5 sales people and around $2.1 million in annual revenue as a team.

What I realized, about 3 months after I went back to work, is that I rush all of the time. I rush to work in the morning, I rush home at night, our weekends are packed with family and fun and church. And I was exhausted. Not just “new mom trying to figure out work and home and new baby” exhausted, but “burnt out, frustrated, and empty” exhausted.

I knew there had to be another way.

I cannot do this forever. I cannot live like this for the next 30 years.

Let’s be honest, the further up the ladder I climb, the more money I make, the more responsibility that I get – the more hours I will be expected to work, the more pressure to deliver results, and less time for me and my family. And I realized that I wasn’t sure I wanted that anymore. I no longer wanted the corner office.

I had a bit of an identity crisis, to be honest. I’d always had a very clear path and clear goal for my career. And I was crossing things off the list to get there. But now, the list seems ….exhausting. I knew I had to build a new list. With new goals, And a new ladder to climb.

Which brings me here. To building Uncensored Consulting. How long do I build it alongside my full time job? I don’t know yet.

But I am building a legacy for my family. I am building something that, when the time comes, will allow me to support for my family, do work I really, really love, AND have the ability to slow down and enjoy time with my family.

I often get asked “why Uncensored?”

Here’s why –

Living life uncensored is about living life outside the lines. It’s about pushing boundaries.

If you’re here, you’re an overachiever. You’ve likely followed the specific steps you thought you would and should follow in your life. Sound familiar?!

You’re tired of doing it “their” way. You’re tired of living inside the box built for you.

You want to break the status quo. Color outside the lines. And build a business and a life that you love.

That’s what Uncensored Consulting is about.

Thank you for being part of my story.

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