The Sales Experience

We partner with forward thinking CEOs and business leaders to build emotionally intelligent sales teams.

Sales enablement and sales operations have traditionally been a “how-to” game.

We spend a lot of time teaching people what to do - but not what to THINK.

Sales is a mental game.

The success and failure of your sales team relies heavily on their ability to manage their mind, handle rejection, and manage high pressure situations. 

Commonly, we expect people to come to our organizations with these skills already in-tact. Then, we wonder why we have such high turnover rates in sales.

When we spend as much time working on our sales teams MINDS as we do their SKILLS - we build high performing, revenue driving teams that are unstoppable.

How do we support businesses like yours?


Custom Built Sales Training Programs

We work with you and your leadership team to build and develop a sales training program custom built to your company.


✨ The Self Leadership Principles

✨ New hire and ongoing sales training development

✨ Sales Management training development 


Mindset + Emotional Intelligence Training

This hands on, intensive training is designed specifically for sales teams. It's not enough to just sell, we'll teach them to THINK like leaders - and drive massive results.


✨ Workshops

✨ 1:1 Leadership Coaching

✨ On-going training + support


Sales Operations Development

Sales operations are an essential part of any company's success. A strong operation process ensures that the company's sales efforts run smoothly and efficiently.


✨ Sales process analysis and development

✨ CRM implementation

What are the Self Leadership Principles?

Self Trust. Personal Responsibility. Self Awareness. Self Concept. Emotional Intelligence. Growth Mindset.

The Leadership Principles are the foundational pillars of emotionally intelligent business leaders that prioritize a relationship with self as the ultimate success tool.

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