It is easier to sell stuff that you LOVE

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As an entrepreneur, you started your business for a reason, right?

Whether it was that you found a gap in the market, it’s a passion of yours, or something you’re really good at.

You didn’t leave the security of a full time job with a salary and benefits on a whim. There was a reason.

Recently, I saw a post in a Facebook group asking people why they started their business and the answers were consistent:

  • Freedom (both time and location).
  • To make an impact.
  • To control my income.
  • To help more people.
  • To stay home with my kids.

If you’re NOT in one of those camps – I’d love to hear why you started your business.

Then things change.

What I often hear when I chat with business owners is that the reason they started their business has become fuzzy, primarily because they’re doing a lot of things they DON’T want to do. They spend too much time on the admin piece of their business and less time focusing on strategy or whatever it is they LOVE about what they do.

Now, I don’t mean stuff like payroll or bookkeeping (God love those that LOVE those tasks) – but I mean they’re offering services they don’t love. They’re doing a bunch of stuff in their business that they don’t enjoy because they think that’s their only option to make money. They’re following some coach or online celebrity that does things differently – therefore they decide to change course and do something different.

Here’s the deal, my friend. It’s exponentially easier to sell something you LOVE than to sell something you have to sell to keep the lights on. Or something that you’re selling because that’s how someone else does it.

This isn’t a totally original thought – I listened to an awesome Facebook live training by Sara Dann, an amazing business strategist. And she talked about building packages that you LOVE. That you truly, truly believe in. Things that you are without a doubt, 110% confident in.

It was a total light bulb moment for me.

I was selling packages that I thought I should be. I was building packages that I thought people would buy. I compared my pricing to other people’s pricing. And I never really LOVED my solutions. I liked them. I knew that they would get results for people. I was confident in my skills – but not in the way I had packaged my expertise and services.

No wonder I wasn’t getting the traction that I wanted. No wonder I didn’t have people falling all over themselves to jump into one of my coaching programs. No wonder I was resisting sales conversations and really putting myself out there.  

I love sales. I really, really do. But I’m not naive to how challenging it can be. I have built several sales organizations in my career and now am building a business. I’m not saying it’s easy.

BUT – when you LOVE what you’re selling – it’s different. Your talk track is different. Your body language is different. The conversation is different.

You don’t take no personally anymore. You actually feel bad for people that say no. You love what you’re doing that much – then when someone isn’t interested, you’re okay with moving on.

It’s a game changer, friend. It really is.

As with most advice I give, I like to give you the fine print, too.

Just because you LOVE what sell doesn’t mean you can stop putting in the work. It doesn’t mean that clients will all the sudden start falling from the sky. It doesn’t mean that you can take your pedal off the gas.

It just makes it easier to connect. It makes it easier to put yourself out there. It makes it easier to do the hard stuff – because you’re working towards something you believe in.

I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just different.

What do I do now?

If you’ve had the same light bulb that I had after listening to Sara’s video, you have some work to do.

Go back to the drawing board. What do you love about what you do? Wh

at do you love about the results you get for your clients? What part of your previous programs light you up?

Find a way to do more of that.

It always sound simpler on paper that it really is, I know that.

But, I can speak from personal experience on this one. I went back and re-tooled my programs. I only have two. I put in more touch points with my clients. I added in more training. Those are things that I love. Connecting with people. Teaching. Coaching. And now, I cannot waitttttt to fill my group coaching program. Like I wake up every morning excited about it.

That’s why you started a business. To do what you love. To call the shots. To change the lives of the people you serve. To change your family’s lives.

Write those things down. Keep them somewhere you can see them. And every time you make a decision or a change in your business – make sure it matches up with your why. It’s the best compass you’ll ever have in your business.

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