Interview – Shawna Beckmann

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This might be one of the most fun interviews we’ve done yet on the podcast.

Shawna Beckmann is a fellow sales trainer that helps her clients “get paid without being a PITCH…” She’s raw, real, and tells her story of graduating college during an economic downturn and how she became an entrepreneur. Reinvention, a few moves across the county, and 5 kiddos later – Shawna is amazing at what she does!
I know what you’re thinking – WAIT – did you REALLY put someone on your podcast that is a DIRECT competitor?! YESSSS – because she’s brilliant and because it’s all about community over competition. When you listen, you’ll hear that Shawn and I have very different styles and our business are very different. We just happen to share a passion for teaching sales to help women build businesses that make money!

Shawna’s Bio

Shawna is a speaker and sales trainer for business owner who are eager to create a waiting list of happy paying clients. She helps them communicate more effectively without comprising integrity using her “Consensual Sales” framework.

Her unique experience working in crisis call centers has revolutionized how business owners understand and implement their own sales strategy.

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