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Interview – Danielle Welch

Danielle Welch is the owner of Bridge Consulting & Design, LLC a website design and social media marketing company that works specifically with small businesses. Having come from a family of small business owners, Danielle has always been attracted to helping small businesses grow and thrive through marketing & advertising. With over 5 years of experience as a marketing consultant, in 2018 Danielle decided to take everything she had learned in her career and start her own small business. Within 3 months she was able to replace her full time income and in her 9th month of business she reached her first 5 figure month of revenue! Danielle is married and runs another successful business with her husband mentoring and coaching individuals in developing cash flow assets outside of their full time jobs so they can pursue their dreams and lifestyle goals. She also has two little girls, 3 and 3 months who are the reason and why behind everything she does in both of her businesses!

You can reach out to Danielle at the following links…
IG: @bridgeconsultingdesign
FB: /bridgeconsultingdesign

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