How To Write A Prospecting Email

When engaging with brand new prospects, it’s important to create familiarity, show your personality, and ask for what you want – all while not appearing to sell before you’ve earned the right.

Easy, right?!

I know that it’s not and that sometimes reaching out to a brand new prospect can be really scary. If you follow these steps to writing an effective prospecting email, you can have confidence that you’re setting yourself up for sales success.

What is a prospecting email? And how is it different than the email sequence you send out to someone who has opted in for your freebie?

A prospecting email is an introduction email to a totally cold prospect. This prospect likely hasn’t engaged with you in anyway other than perhaps a quick meeting at a networking event.

Your email sequence for your email list is a story telling opportunity that helps you get to know the prospect. This person has opted in to receive email from you, allowing you to be more casual and start showing your personality!

A few things to remember, before we start writing our prospecting email – 

1 – Not everyone is your customer. You can send out hundreds and hundreds of emails, and still only 1-2% of people are going to respond and further the conversation. Don’t take it personally.

2 – Email is best when combined with other touch points. Social media, LinkedIn messages, DM on FB or Instagram, phone calls, even a handwritten note can help make your emails more effective.

3 – Not everyone will read your first email. Or your second email, Or your third email. It’s best to have an email sequence of 5-8 emails sent 3-5 days apart to be successful in getting some sort of response (good or bad) from your prospect.

One of my best sales tips is to put yourself in the prospects shoes. What kind of emails do you read? What kind of emails do you respond to? How often do you check your email? How often do you forget to respond to emails, even the ones you want to?

Being mindful of all the things we just talked about, we can start putting together our prospecting email.

Part 1: Personalize your greeting but do not ask how they’re doing.

Nothing says “SALES EMAIL” like a “Hi Sarah, how are you doing today?”

I also recommend taking that out of your prospecting phone calls, but we can talk about that another day.

Use their name, then move on.

Part 2: Tell them why you’re reaching out.

I’m reaching out because I saw your awesome FB video…

I am emailing you today to congratulate you on the award you received…

I wanted to connect because I saw your thoughtful post in that FB group/LinkedIn message…

You get my point. There has to be a “because,” and it can’t be about you. Meaning, your “because” can’t be – I’m writing you because I think you’re my ideal client and I want to sell you something.

Part 3: Get to the point…quickly

You’ve explained why you’re reaching out, now you need to create some interest without selling. To do this, you can focus on the challenges or issues your ideal client has. You can also focus on results. Basically, tell them why your current clients hired you!

Sarah, I help business owners like you do three things…

1 – Result #1

2 – Result #2

3 – Result #3

Sarah, when I work with entrepreneurs I find that they have these challenges..

1 – Challenge #1

2 – Challenge #2

3 – Challenge #3

Sarah, my clients tell me that their biggest issue is…

1 – Issue #1

2 – Issue #2

3 – Issue #3

I like having three specific examples, results, issues, instances, etc. It will up your chances of one of them resonating with them.

Part 4: Tell them how you can help.

This one is easy for most of us! What are two to three ways you can solve the problems we mentioned in Part 3.

Sarah, if you’re looking for those kind of results – I can help. By (doing this) and (this) and (this) – my clients see results in as little as 4-6 weeks!

Sarah, if you have these issues – I can help. By (putting this process in place) and (this simple idea) and (working on this) – I can help solve your problems and have you hitting your goals in 90 days!

Sarah, if these challenges sound familiar – I can help! I work with my clients to (do this) and (this) and (this). Implementing these changes often wind up paying off of my clients in as little as 14 days!

Tangible time frames are helpful, but not mandatory.

Part 5 – Ask for the appointment.

Sarah, if you’re interested in learning more about how this solution can work for you, let’s connect for a 15 minute call.

Sarah, I’d love to see if this solution is a good fit for you and your business. Let’s jump on a quick call to discuss.

Sarah, can I offer you a complimentary 15 minute strategy call? We can talk through your specific challenges and see if we’re a fit to work together.

Part 6 (optional) – Add a P.S.

If you have a freebie they should download or a FB group you’d like them join, add that to the P.S. If there is a specific offer they can take advantage of – that works, too!

The key here, guys, is to start building a relationship with the prospect and establish credibility. If you ask for the appointment without doing those 2 things – you’re likely to get ignored, regardless of how good your follow up emails are.

The more specific you can be in the results you provide or challenges you solve for, the better!

If you’ve met this person before (virtually or in real life) – start your email with something personal. Bonus points if you tell them how or where you met.

If you’d like me to review your prospecting email – join Sales Skills for Women in Business – and I will review and give you my feedback!

How To Write A Prospecting Email

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