How to Stick To Your Goals and Business Plans

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The beginning of a new year is exciting! We’ve all set big, scary goals for ourselves. We’ve freshened up our business plans. We feel energized and renewed and we’re ready to hit the ground running.

Then…life happens. We get busy. We put out fires. We get caught up in the day to day grind of life and business – and before we know it, it’s March 1 and we haven’t even looked at our goals we were so excited about just 2 months before.

I am by no means saying you shouldn’t set goals or make plans because you’ll only stick to them for 2 months. What I hope to cover today is how do we stick with our goals when they’re not shiny and new, when we’re not motivated, when we’re tired and burned out, and when we think we might have been crazy when we made those plans back in December.

How do you stick to your goals?

The best way to stick with your goals is to have them written somewhere when you can see them. Writing them down is important, but if they are buried in a notebook you never look at or hiding in a Google doc, they’ll never be seen.

Whether you put them on a whiteboard in your office, keep them written down inside your day planner, make it part of your daily routine to review them – it’s important that you see your goals often.

I use Google Keep for notes and such – and you can schedule reminders each day. My daily affirmations come up every morning for me to review and read out loud. This might be a great tool for you to keep your goals front and center.

Write Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Goals

While annual goals are important, they have a tendency to become “pie in the sky.” At some point in 2019, I’m going to launch this group coaching program. No, be specific. Your annual revenue goal maybe $100k. That breaks down to $8,333/month, $1923/week, $274/day. Make sure your goals translate to this.

Every day, I plan out my goals. Sometimes, it’s as simple as – connect with 5 new people today. Other days, my goal is to finish my blog and get it posted, outline my FB live for tonight, and share my new freebie. While this sounds like a to-do list, it’s not.

Here’s why… my to-do list is much more detailed. It’s the step by step actions I have to take to get each of those things done. But, the goals are just the items I want or need to achieve that day. Sometimes, I get them all done. Others, I don’t.

On Mondays, I always write down my weekly goals. What will I get accomplished this week?

And, on the first of every month, I break down my monthly goals, as they’re certainly not the same each month.

What is the difference between goals and business plans?

Goals are big picture things you want to accomplish. Your business plan are the steps you’re going to take to reach your goals.

Let’s go back to our previous example – $100k revenue in 2019. We now also know our monthly, weekly, and daily numbers needed to hit that goal.

Our business plan is the activity we need to take to hit those goals. How many new people do we need to talk to? How many clients do we need to hit $100k. How many sales calls? What’s our marketing mix? And so on.

Your business plan is infinitely more detailed than your goals. It’s literally the road map to your goals.

Make sense?

How do I stick to my business plan?

Sometimes, it’s easier to get derailed from our business plans that it is our goals. Primarily because we tend to think if we miss one or two days of our daily activity that we’re dead in the water – and we throw it all out the window.

Here’s the deal, my friend. I know you know this, but I’m going to say it anyway. Nobody’s perfect. No one. You will miss the mark some days. You will get sick. Your kids will get sick. You will get caught up in a project. You will go on vacation. You will just NOT feel like it some days.

It’s okay. The important thing is that you catch yourself and course correct.

Work your plan

If you haven’t, you should read my blog about getting it all done.

Calendar block. Calendar block. Calendar block.

If you have daily activity goals – then put those on your calendar. Do you have daily goals for time spent writing copy – put it on your calendar. If it doesn’t get calendar’ed, it doesn’t get done.

You WILL NOT work your business plan if you don’t put it on your calendar.

I never mean to oversimplify things, but sometimes – we have a tendency to overcomplicate in our heads. The most important part of running a business and driving revenue is to be as intentional as possible with your time. We all know how easy it is to wind up down a rabbit hole chasing things that have NOTHING to do with what we’re trying to accomplish.

Having a clear cut plan. Schedule out the details. Work your plan.

Get An Accountability Partner

My final advice on sticking to goals and plans – is to find a buddy. Hire a coach, find a friend or fellow business owner, use your boss or your spouse – I don’t care. If no one knows what you’re working towards – it’s easy to give up, change course, or make excuses. Find someone to help hold you accountable to your goals.

Not to mention, the value of talking through your goals, sharing the great, big scary stuff you’re working towards, and having someone to celebrate with is pretty fun, too!

You’ve got this. 2019 is YOUR year. Make it happen!

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