How to Sell Non-business Services

Let’s talk about how to sell non-business services.

What if I’m not selling to businesses?

What if there’s not a monetary ROI for my services?

How do I sell that?


I am Ryann Dowdy. I am the host of Uncensored Sales TV, and a sales coach that works with brand new entrepreneurs to build a six-figure foundation by mastering your sales conversation and your mindset.


This is for those of you that are life coaches, health coaches, parenting coaches, sleep coaches, anything that does not have a monetary ROI, let’s have a conversation.

First of all, the sales process is exactly the same.

We connect, we serve, and we sell.

Whether you are selling business services, whether what you sell costs $5, or hundreds of dollars, it doesn’t matter. The sales process, the sales system does not change.


BUT there are some key things that you really want to drill down into when you are selling non-business services.


First of all, when you’re selling non-business services, it is 110% about relationships.

Not that business services aren’t relationship focused because I really think that they are. But it’s super, super important when you are selling to someone that they know you, they like you, and trust you, because they aren’t making an investment in their business. They’re making an investment in themselves.

For many people hiring a life coach or a health coach or a weight loss coach or something along those lines is a big investment and not one that they make often. So it’s super important that they have a good relationship with you, and they really trust that you can get them the result that they want.

So, relationships are huge.

How do we go about building relationships?

By serving. By coming up with free resources. By building relationships. By getting into conversations By offering a free 15 minute strategy session with someone. By getting an introduction into a community from someone else. You want to build relationships.

This is the same in business to business sales, but in business and to consumer sales, these people are not as well versed in investing in themselves. So, they’re going to want to feel like they really know you like you, and trust you. They need to really believe that you’re going to get them the result that they want or need with the service that they’re purchasing.


Something else that I think is super, super important is to make sure that you are always selling the transformation.

In business, we sell the return on investment.

You give me a thousand dollars. I can help you make $5,000 when you’re selling something that isn’t business related. In non-business services, we can’t always talk about monetary ROI, but we can talk about the transformation.

What will happen when I hire a life coach?

How much better will my life become?

Will I finally drop the 20 pounds?

Will I finally be able to communicate well with my sister that I haven’t spoken to in years?

Will I finally be able to show up as the best version of myself?

What does that transformation look like?


Say you’re a sleep coach.

What happens when I can finally get my kid to sleep an entire night by themselves?

Do I actually get sleep myself?

What does sleep mean to me?

How does that impact my life?

How do I get a higher quality of life by getting better sleep?


If you are a health coach:

What happens when I show up as the best version of myself?

What happens when I drop that 50 pounds?

What happens when I am no longer on the risk of taking high blood pressure medication?


So, what is that transformation and what kind of person do I get to become once I invest in those services. You’ve got to focus on selling the transformation.

Just like in business to business, we sell ROI. You’re selling a transformation who does that person get to become by investing in your services?


Another great way to sell non-business related services is to be a product of your product.

Many of you have decided to sell the services that you sell, because you have used those services. Don’t be afraid to tell your own story. Don’t be afraid to tell people that you hired a life coach, and it was the most transformational thing you’ve ever done. Tell them that you hired a health coach, and you finally dropped the weight, or that you hired a parenting coach, and you finally became the mom that you want it to become.


Being a product of your product is the most attractive thing you can ever do to a potential client.

That is how they see what is possible.


Another really great way to really connect with people when you’re selling non-business related services is vision cast.

What I mean by vision cast is really help them paint the picture of their life after they have the result that they want. This is kind of goes along with selling the transformation, but this is the storytelling part of selling.

Talk about what happens when you can comfortably fit into all of the clothes in your closet.

Talk about what happens when you can have a disagreement with your husband, without it turning into a screaming match.

Talk about what happens when your baby sleeps for eight hours a night, and you actually get to have a conversation with your spouse.

Talk about what happens when you no longer have to negotiate with your toddler every single day.

Cast the vision.

Talk about how powerful it could be when somebody chooses to invest in themselves and how the ROI isn’t even important because they get to become the best version of themselves.

Guys. That is what sales is about. It is, it is the transfer of inspiration.


Why did you choose whatever it is that you’re selling? You chose it because either you got a transformation from it, or someone you know got a transformation from it. It caused you to be super passionate about it. So passionate that you chose to start a business around it and create a livelihood around it.

So that is the key to selling non-business related services. There’s no secret sauce. There is nothing, any different. The system is the same. You still need to generate leads. You still need to run a sales conversation. You still need to pitch your services. You still need to overcome objections. You still need to close and onboard.

All of those things are exactly the same. The difference is you’re not selling an ROI, you are selling a transformation. You’re selling a different life. You’re selling a result to that person no amount of money would match.


Here’s the key though.

You have to believe in what your services are worth. I see this a lot in my business to consumer, or B2C, sales entrepreneurs that I work with.

They think, well, nobody’s going to invest a thousand dollars in a health coach because it’s not monetary. Only people who sell business services or help people make more money can charge that much.


No, it’s not true.

A thousand dollars for a health coach, even if you work with a health coach for a whole year, is $12,000. I’ve never had to have expensive health care done, but from what I gather, healthcare is expensive. So, I can invest in a health coach and get that result, or I can pay for it in surgeries and medical bills my entire life.


You have to believe before anyone else will believe.

You have to believe that your service is worth the investment. Believe that the investment is one of the most powerful things that a person can make. Because once you can transfer that inspiration, once you can cast that vision, once you can sell that transformation, that is where it becomes super easy to sell your services.

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