How to Make Money Online

Let’s talk about how to make money online.


That’s why you started a business, right? To make money.


I am Ryann Dowdy.  I’m a sales coach and I help brand new entrepreneurs build a six figure foundation by mastering their sales conversation and their mindset.


I’ve been hearing for a lot of women in my community that people aren’t really sure can I make a living as an online entrepreneur. Can online entrepreneurship really replace my full time income? Or worse – I hear from people that my family or my spouse or the people around me don’t believe that this is actually a job or a profession or legitimate. And I want to talk about a couple of things as it relates to that.


First of all, online entrepreneurship is 110% of legitimate business.

As long as you are providing a legitimate service to real humans, then it is a legit business. I hear this all the time. Is being a virtual assistant a scam? Is freelancing a scam?

No, my friends, it is not. As long as you are providing a service and getting paid for that service, it is legitimate. I promise.

How do we go out into the world? How do we take what we’ve been doing our entire lives and turn it into a business?

One of the things I to ask my clients is – what are you good at? What expertise do you have? Is it something you’ve done your entire corporate career? Is it something that you’re just really passionate about? Is this is a hobby for you and you’d love to get paid to do it? Is there something that your friends constantly call you and ask you questions about that you can turn into a business or have you been on a journey? Have you gotten some sort of transformation through an experience that you’ve had and you want to turn around and give people that same transformation?

This can result to a million different things.

It could be a virtual assistant, a freelancer, a bookkeeper, or a marketer. You can be copywriter, maybe a funnel designer, a web designer, a health coach, a life coach, a parenting coach, a sleep coach, or a divorce coach. I’m trying to think of all of the different women inside my sales programs, but there are so many different women doing so many different things.

And 110% – online entrepreneurship is real, and you can create real money at a real income and real lifestyle change inside online entrepreneurship.

What is the biggest thing that you have to do to make money online?

My friend, you have to solve problems.

I’m going to say that again. You have to solve problems.

People will pay a pretty decent chunk of change to solve a problem in their life. So, the first exercise I have all of my clients do is take a huge step back and talk about what is the problem that you solve for your ideal clients. And, it can’t just be a surface level problem because people buy based on emotion and they justify with logic. So, we can’t just solve surface level problems. We have to solve emotional problems.

Let me walk you through a couple examples.

Say you want to be a virtual assistant and you just want to offer a basic admin services to your first couple of clients.

So maybe it’s email management, calendar management, schedule management, and just some really simple admin tasks like scheduling some social media – nothing fancy, but just basic freelancing services.

What does that look like? So, first of all, the first thing you’re doing is you’re giving that entrepreneur back time in their business.

I would argue TIME is the most valuable asset that we have.

You can make more money, but you can’t make more time.

So, you give them back time. But what can you do with that time? Does it give them more time to make money in their business? Does it give them more time to spend with their family? Does it give them more time to serve their existing clients at higher level?

And what is the result of that? What is result of making more money, having more time to serve your clients, having more time with your family. Those are the emotional problems that people have when it comes time to invest.

Let’s go through some business to consumer examples.

So, say for instance, you are a life coach and you work with moms to help them lose weight. I

Surface level problem is – I want to lose 30 pounds. I’ve had two kids and I want to lose 30 pounds.

That’s the obvious reason, but let’s see the emotional reason.

Has that mom totally lost her identity because she’s had two kids in three years?

Has that mom not been able to put on her skinny jeans since before she got pregnant with her first kid?

Does that mom just really feel uncomfortable in her skin because her body has changed so much?

Does that mom never want to get dressed or have her picture taken?

Is she afraid put her bathing suit on with her kids and get into the pool with her children because she’s self-conscious in her body?

Those are, those are the problems that people have. They don’t just want to lose 30 pounds. If they just wanted to lose 30 pounds, they could download an app and pay $10 a month. The reason they pay a life coach or a health coach to make that happen is because the problem is bigger than losing the 20 pounds.

The problem is emotional.

So, the number one way to we make money online is to position yourself as a problem solver and the bigger, the problem you solve, the more money you can make.

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