How to Grow a Facebook Group of Raving Fans


How do you grow a Facebook group full of raving fans that want to buy from you?


My name is Ryann Dowdy and I am a sales coach. I help brand new entrepreneurs build the foundation of their six-figure business by mastering their sales conversations and their mindset.

Today, I want to talk about Facebook groups.

If you haven’t noticed Facebook groups are BLOWING UP. Facebook is actually running ads to promote their groups, and they are some of the most powerful tools that you will find in business. Both other people’s Facebook groups and your own Facebook group.

But I get this question a lot inside of my community. So, I wanted to take some time and talk to you about that here. How do you create a Facebook group full of raving fans?

So, first of all, how do we set it up? How do we get people into it? And then how do we get them to buy from us?

The first thing I want you to think about when it comes to your Facebook group is to actually not overthink it.

I see a lot of people who think it has got to be perfect and it’s got to be the exact right name and the exact right thing, and I have to know exactly what I’m doing.

To be honest with you, when I first started my Facebook group, which now has about 4,500 people in it and about a year and a half – I didn’t really give it a lot of thought. I just knew that it was something I wanted to do. I wanted to build a community that I could serve. So, that’s the first thing is just decide, decide that you are going to grow a Facebook group, decide on the name and just run with it.

If you are reading this – it is because you have thought about it, do it, do it, do it.

It will pay you 10-fold.

Okay. So just decide.

Part 2: Knowing that a Facebook group is something that needs to be managed.

It is a time commitment. You are building a community. You are establishing yourself as the leader of that community. And how do leaders establish themselves as a leaders? They do that by showing up and by serving. A Facebook group is the most fantastic way to show that you are a leader and that you are there to serve and to grow and to help and to educate people.

It is the most powerful way to do that, but it is commitment.

So, if you’re not all in on your Facebook group, I might actually suggest that you wait because you want to be all in. You want to show up because that is how we build trust. Consistency is how we build trust.

If you start a group, but then you show up and back off, show up and back off, people are going to start to think that maybe you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, or maybe you’re not the leader that they want to follow.

So, I want you to know that to build a Facebook group full of raving fans, you have to be committed to it because you want to use this to establish yourself as a leader, and you have to be consistent in that leadership and in building trust.

So, how do we grow a Facebook group?

For me, I like to think of a Facebook group the same way you would think of promoting anything else. You want it to be something you talk about everywhere. You want it to be in your email signature. You want it to be in your Facebook banner, on your Facebook business page, and on your personal page. You want it to be in your profile on Facebook. If you use LinkedIn, you want it to be over there. If you use Instagram, you want it to be over there. It needs to be the place that you funnel all of your people and you need to market it.

So, promo threads and Facebook groups, Instagram stories your Instagram feed, just anywhere – Promote it. Promote it. Promote it.

Just when you are getting tired of hearing about it, that is when other people are actually paying attention.

So, for me, it was always kind of the bottom of my funnel. If somebody wasn’t ready to get into a sales conversation with me just yet, I would absolutely send them to my Facebook group because they knew that was a place where they could come get to know me. They can watch my content, see my videos, learn a little bit more about me and start to build a relationship.

Promote, Promote, Promote.

Make consistent invitations, make it a goal to invite at least 10 people to your Facebook group every single day. If you want to know how to make invitations without being spammy and weird, go check out a YouTube video about outreach and direct messages, but it’s the exact same concept. We’re going to build relationships.

As soon as we know that somebody is a great fit for your community, you invite them into that community.

So, we need to promote, promote, promote, invite, invite, invite.

That’s how we do it. There is no secret sauce. There is no magic bullet. Just make sure that it’s something that you’re talking about all of the time.

And let people know it’s a really fantastic place to hang out, get to know you, and get huge value.

How do we provide value?

For me, inside of my Facebook group, I am constantly putting out content that you can’t get elsewhere. It’s not content that goes out to my email group or my email list. It’s not content that you find on Instagram. My very best content is inside of that group.

Why? Because I want people inside of that group. I want you there. I want to build a relationship with you there. I want somebody to come into that group, binge all of the videos, (literally almost two years worth of videos of me showing up and giving and serving.)

I keep my very best stuff inside of that community. I use all my other tools and resources to drive people into that.

What are some ways you can provide value?

It’s written content, how to content, live video content.

I LOVE live video. I think it’s the greatest tool ever for your business, but it’s specifically powerful inside of your Facebook group. Because it’s your group. You’re the leader and they expect to see from you. So, use all of the content. If you have a YouTube channel, if you have a podcast, if you’re putting out content somewhere else, make sure you’re sharing that inside of that group because the people in that group are your people.

And we want them to get to know you.

So that is how we create raving fans.

  • We create raving fans through service.
  • We create raving fans by solving problems.
  • We create raving fans by providing value.

So how can you serve? How can you solve problems and how can you provide value?

This goes back to my very original YouTube video about there’s only three types of content you need to create until you hit a 100k in your business.

I feel the same way about your Facebook group.

Teach them something – how to content, value content, all of the secret sauce, the secrets of the trade inside of your business. You want to pour that into that group. If you’re a member of my community, you know, there’s nothing I hold back.

I teach you guys everything that I know. I come to you LIVE as often as I can to really serve. We have people refer people into my community all of the time that have never bought anything from me.

They have never commented on anything, never liked anything, but they are there. And they constantly say, Hey, you have to get into this group. It’s so good. There are so many resources available in that group.


There is also your educational content.

Educate people about your industry. I’m a sales coach. There isn’t a sales coach on every corner, so I have to educate what a sales coach is, and how is a sales coach different than a marketing coach and a business coach and a mindset coach.

And why would somebody want to do business with a sales coach?

What are the assets to having access to a Facebook group?

I share all of that inside of my community.

Finally, there’s the connection content.

I show up like a real person. I show up when I don’t feel like it. I show up when I don’t feel good, I showed up what I was pregnant. Show up, show up, show up, show up.

That’s how people get to know you.

I tell stories about my kids. I tell stories about my family. I tell stories about my faith. I really let people in behind the curtain.

People want to know who are. Not just what you know.

What do we know is important, but who are you as a human that’s super, super important to your people.

And they’re definitely going to want to know those things before they give you their money.


Growing a Facebook group is a labor of love.

It involves patience. When you start growing your group, you’re going to start showing up. You’re going to be really excited. You’re going to be putting out all the content. You going to be connected with your people and providing all of this value. And you’re going to hear crickets. Okay?

You are going to hear crickets at the beginning.

I need you to keep going.

The biggest reason that most people’s Facebook groups bottom out at around 350 people is because the leader of the group stops showing up because they feel like no one is listening.

I need to encourage you to keep going.

I will tell you, inside my Facebook community, we had to get to about 500 people before I felt like people were finally talking back to me.

I was showing up and talking to myself for probably a solid six months.

I did my weekly lives by myself.

The content wasn’t getting a ton of likes on it. It wasn’t getting a lot of action.

I actually wasn’t even getting a lot of clients outside of my Facebook group at first.

I kept showing up.

I kept showing up even though nobody was liking, nobody was commenting. Nobody was buying. It didn’t matter. I kept showing up and serving because the more I showed up and served, the more that I talked to my community, the more that I served them, the more that they were willing to come back and invest in me.

I honestly think that any kind of service-based business can have a ton of success with a Facebook group.

I think that you can have success with a Facebook group as a coach.

I think you can have success as a social media manager, as a Pinterest strategist, as a digital marketer, as a health coach, as a life coach, doesn’t matter. Anybody that has an opportunity to serve and connect and teach people something new will have a ton of value with the Facebook group.

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