How much follow up is too much?

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I do a lot of networking inside Facebook Groups. I consistently see women asking questions about how to follow up. How much follow up is too much follow up? When should I follow up? What should I say?

The first thing I always coach my clients to is to put themselves in their prospects shoes. How do you feel about follow up? Do you answer every email that you get? How about your texts, Insta DMs, FB PMs, LinkedIn messages and so on. My guess is that you don’t – even when you mean to.

This is why follow up is so important. It’s loud out there. There are so many competing priorities in our lives and we need a reminder (or 5) to do something.

Get Permission

The first step to follow up is to get permission. If you’ve chatted with a prospect about a specific program or opportunity to work together and you don’t get an answer right away – schedule your next follow up touch points on that call.

If you put proposals together for your clients – figure out a follow up time to go over the proposal with your client.

If your prospect won’t commit to the follow up call – you’re not done selling and your likelihood of closing the business is pretty small. If you offer a follow up call and get the standard “don’t call me, I’ll call you” – then you need to go back and find out where you lost your prospect and why they won’t just say no.

Think You’re Being Annoying – Try Again

Confession – I was voxering back and forth with my coach and about the Uncensored Sales Mastermind program that I am launching right now. I literally told her that I was worried about wearing out my list.

MY LIST. Of prospects. That had opted-in to get my content. I was worried about “annoying” them.

See, it happens to all of us.

I’ve maybe sent 3-4 emails in the past 10 days about the program. I sent maybe 2-3 before the doors open. Definitely sent a few more emails to the people who opted into the free challenge.

THEY ASKED FOR IT! I’ve given them (you) tons and tons of value. I do free training every week. I did a two part weekend training for FREE. I answer questions. I support my audience

And I’m worried about annoying them. C’mon.

So – my word of advice here is – when you think you’re being annoying… Send it anyway. Follow up anyway. And remember that you are cutting through so much noise to be heard.

And, if they don’t like it – they can unsubscribe. They weren’t your people anyway.

Value. Value. Value.

Here is the real key to follow up. You can’t just follow up and ask people if they’re ready to get started, if they’re ready to sign up, if they wanna buy something, etc.

You have to continue to provide value. Share a blog you’ve written. A live training you did. A fun or different idea.

Ask questions. Tell stories. Share testimonials. Do stuff for free.

Your follow up has to provide value to be seen and heard.

Keep Showing Up

You have to keep showing up. It might be the 103rd email or the 34th live that someone sees and finally raises their hand.

It can be exhausting to keep putting out content, sending emails, sending messages, connecting with your audience, going live, etc with what feels like NO response.

The timing might not be right for someone – but it might be in 6 weeks. Keep showing up.

Consistency is key to follow up and communication.

You have to keep inviting people in. You have to keep telling them what you want or need them do. You have to keep telling them how to work with you.

Not because people are stupid, but because if it’s too hard – people just won’t do it.

My husband and I were looking at car prices over the weekend (we are NOT in the market for a car) but I was super curious about the price of the new Hyundai SUV coming out this year. We both probably visited 3-6 websites and couldn’t find a price point. We were also looking at comparable SUVs on car dealer websites and couldn’t find pricing, mileage, etc.

Thank goodness we aren’t actually in the market for a car – because this weekend we couldn’t find a website that made it easy for us to buy one.

Think about when that when you’re thinking about your business. Is it easy to do business with you? Can people find the information that they need to?

The Fortune is in the Follow Up

It’s that simple. Mix up your touch points. Use all of the tools available to you – written messages, voice messages, video messages.

If you bother someone or annoy someone – they aren’t your person. As long as you are providing value, asking for permission, and being genuine – your business will sky rocket.

It’s infinitely easier to convert your current warm audience than continue to add new people to it (you definitely need to be doing both).

And the fortune is in the follow up.

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