Top 3 Networking Tips

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I remember hating networking. I avoided going to events. It made me think of crowded bars, and not being sure if someone wanted to having a conversation or was hitting on me. It was a room full of salespeople, none … Read More

Selling Versus Helping

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How many times have you said (or hear someone say) – I hate sales. I’m not good at sales. I just hate feeling pushy. I never know how to follow up. I get really nervous when I ask for money. … Read More

How To Write A Prospecting Email

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When engaging with brand new prospects, it’s important to create familiarity, show your personality, and ask for what you want – all while not appearing to sell before you’ve earned the right. Easy, right?! I know that it’s not and … Read More

When Do I Ask For The Sale?

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Asking for the sale could arguably be the hardest part of the sales process. It will surprise you to learn that I don’t agree (ha!) with that, but I do want to talk about the importance of timing in asking … Read More

Sales Skills for Non Salespeople

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Okay, so you’re not “in sales” so to speak. Your business and livelihood isn’t tied to actually selling something to someone else – BUT you’re still responsible for getting stuff done. You lead a team. You influence others. You negotiate … Read More

Can you Learn Sales Skills?

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How many times have you heard someone say (or said yourself)… Oh, I’m not a salesperson? Yeah, that’s just a skill set I don’t have… Oh, sales, yeah, I’m not good at sales… And many other iterations of sales being … Read More

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