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What do you mean by Sales Activity?

The timing of this podcast episode is PERFECT – as we’re in a series of training about Booking More Discovery Calls.

The FIRST piece of advice I give new entrepreneurs is to make sure that there is time on their calendar EVERY day for sales activities. Revenue Generating Activities. Income Producing Activities.

In this podcast, I am breaking down what that even means – and how to fit it into your already super busy schedule!

Podcast Sales

Do I Need a Niche?

I often run into women who are paralyzed in their business because they aren’t sure WHO they want to work with. They’re waiting for the perfect ideal client description before they start taking action.

While I am a believer that “if you talk to everyone, you talk to no-one” – I propose a different solution to this problem – FOCUS ON SOLVING PROBLEMS – and the rest will fall into place.

There is still time to register for the Book More Discovery Calls Challenge:



Podcast Sales

Book More Discovery Calls

I polled the Sales Skills for Women in Business Community and they said their BIGGEST challenge in their business was booking sales calls!

It’s always my goal to SERVE the heck out of you guys – so we are doing a Discovery Call Challenge. Listen in to hear the details – including what you will learn day by day – and why booking more discovery calls is the key to success in your business as a brand new entrepreneur.

Register here:

Podcast Sales

Interview with Alyssa Dillon – Giving Massive Value Can Make You Tens of Thousands!

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, Alyssa started her business out of necessity and a desire to spend more time with her kids. What started as a good idea and a small accounting business got big fast – and Alyssa was soon answering questions about “how did you grow your business” more than she was getting asked about accounting and bookkeeping!

In this week’s podcast, Alyssa shares how showing up and giving massive value turned her 6-figure accounting business to a multi 6-figure coaching business FAST!

Alyssa is becoming famously known as an online business coach & profit strategist for helping more and more digital entrepreneurs launch and scale their businesses online.

She’s a multiple-6 figure business founder who, most recently, created a proven program and system which allows the virtual business owner to not only create their own unique business model, but to launch it successfully to 6 figures annually, without leaving the comfort of their laptop.

Alyssa got her start in the corporate world as a CFO of a company based in Western New York. After having Irish twin boys (that’s 2 babies less than a year apart!) who required her attention and whom she craved more time with, she realized her corporate passions weren’t being met properly and she was ready and willing to be a professional on her own terms, and from the comfort of her home.

She knew her craft, WELL, and she took off running, in her first month as a first-time entrepreneur, earning ($20k/month) in just 4 months into business.

She was incredibly successful and decided there was so much more she could do to help similar-minded people, so she launched her second business as an online coach and once again, scaled her business to 6 figures in less than 5 months, as is now a multi-6 figure earner.

And now, she’s helping people all over the WORLD, do the same.

Podcast Sales

Interview with Krista Mollion

Krista started The S.A.S.S.Y. Method, (Seriously Authentic, Smart, Self-Confident You) because she wanted to help busy business people who struggle to do it all, often with many people relying on them, who are at high risk for burnout yet very rarely ask for help and are victims of fear, guilt, and the never-enough syndrome. Her mission is to assist people to discover who they were meant to be and step fully into their destiny while using their superpowers to make money in their niche and design the lifestyle they want. She is on a mission to create a global movement with the upcoming release of her book followed by the launch of her group program next year. You can reach Krista at the following channels: and

And of course on social media: