The Fastest Path to Cash In Your Business

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The #1 challenge most of the business owners I work with have is that they are struggling to get clients. In this podcast, I tell you exactly what I share with each of them – the 3 activities that HAVE to happen to get clients.

In this episode, we dig into the fastest path to cash, more clients, and hitting your business goals!

Interview – Michelle Vroom

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This week’s podcast guess is Marketing Coach, Michelle Vroom, joins me to talk about building relationships. Michelle generously shares her business building journey, her secret for getting clients, and how to market your business….like a BOSS! 

Michelle demystifies marketing and relationship building. She teachers female solopreneurs how to simplify their approach and massively grow their audience. You don’t want to miss this podcast!

What We Learned In The Sell Every Day in May Challenge

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Inside the Sales Skills for Women in Business Facebook Group in May – we made a commitment to do some kind of revenue generating activity EVERY single business day.

The results were pretty amazing – and the momentum the women in the group have going into the summer is unbelievable.

In this podcast, I am sharing the 5 things we learned during the Sell Everyday in May Accountability challenge that will help craft a plan to show up and SELL every day in your business!

Interview – Danielle Welch

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Danielle Welch is the owner of Bridge Consulting & Design, LLC a website design and social media marketing company that works specifically with small businesses. Having come from a family of small business owners, Danielle has always been attracted to helping small businesses grow and thrive through marketing & advertising. With over 5 years of experience as a marketing consultant, in 2018 Danielle decided to take everything she had learned in her career and start her own small business. Within 3 months she was able to replace her full time income and in her 9th month of business she reached her first 5 figure month of revenue! Danielle is married and runs another successful business with her husband mentoring and coaching individuals in developing cash flow assets outside of their full time jobs so they can pursue their dreams and lifestyle goals. She also has two little girls, 3 and 3 months who are the reason and why behind everything she does in both of her businesses!

You can reach out to Danielle at the following links…
IG: @bridgeconsultingdesign
FB: /bridgeconsultingdesign

You have to do it YOUR way

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When you start a business there is SO. MUCH. NOISE.

Everyone has the “magic bullet…” to:

  • Make 6-figures in 90 days
  • Become a Social Influencer
  • Magnetize high paying clients

And it’s loud.

Here’s the deal, friend. You have to do it YOUR way. What works for you. For your business. Your goals. Your family. Your bandwidth.

This week’s podcast is all about throwing out what “they” say – and building the business of YOUR dreams (not theirs…)

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