Myth #2 – No One Can Afford My Services

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I couldn’t help myself. The conversations inside our Top 10 Myths About Growing Your Service Based Business are SO GOOD that I decided to repurpose Myth #2 with you, my amazing podcast audience.

Today’s topic – No One Can Afford My Services ….and that’s why I can’t get clients

In this conversation, we tackle the MINDSET behind pricing, why people don’t buy, and the fact that most “I can’t afford it objections”…are bullsh*t.

If you were there live, LISTEN AGAIN. This is important stuff.

The Biggest Myth in Growing Your Business

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In line with our new series inside the Sales Skills for Women in Business Facebook Group – this week’s podcast is breaking down the BIGGEST myth OF ALL about building a service based business.

This short and sweet podcast will walk you through what you definitely DO NOT need to start a business (and what you definitely do!).

Interview – Amy Matos

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Amy Matos is a bilingual content strategist, soulful word wizard, and copywriter who is on a mission to create a sisterhood of women who collaborate, lift one another up, and allow one another to shine!! She lives by the mantra community over competition, because when one woman rises, we all do!!

Amy helps her clients elevate their voice, articulate their greatness, increase their sales, and empower their people by writing copy that nurtures, engages, and converts for women who coach women.

Learn more at

Interview – Shawna Beckmann

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This might be one of the most fun interviews we’ve done yet on the podcast.

Shawna Beckmann is a fellow sales trainer that helps her clients “get paid without being a PITCH…” She’s raw, real, and tells her story of graduating college during an economic downturn and how she became an entrepreneur. Reinvention, a few moves across the county, and 5 kiddos later – Shawna is amazing at what she does!
I know what you’re thinking – WAIT – did you REALLY put someone on your podcast that is a DIRECT competitor?! YESSSS – because she’s brilliant and because it’s all about community over competition. When you listen, you’ll hear that Shawn and I have very different styles and our business are very different. We just happen to share a passion for teaching sales to help women build businesses that make money!

Shawna’s Bio

Shawna is a speaker and sales trainer for business owner who are eager to create a waiting list of happy paying clients. She helps them communicate more effectively without comprising integrity using her “Consensual Sales” framework.

Her unique experience working in crisis call centers has revolutionized how business owners understand and implement their own sales strategy.

Free Resource

Three part video training on how to book eager paying clients with no regrets.

Interview – Crystal Baird

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This week’s podcast is a super fun interview with Crystal Baird. A former healthcare professional turned entrepreneur, Crystal walks us through her journey from a “steady” career to helping other creatives find their voice and develop their content strategy.

Crystal shares her evolution of struggling to promote herself and connect with new people to seeing selling as serving and showing up as a necessity for her people.

As one of my first Uncensored Sales Foundation clients – Crystal shares her experience working with yours truly and her own internal mindset shifts that have her talking to more people, showing up even when she’s scared, and raising her rates (literally tripling them!).

Crystal’s Bio

Crystal Sheffield-Baird is a Content Strategist that helps healers and coaches to show up consistently online by taking the overwhelm of marketing and breaking it down into actionable steps that they can feel good about. Crystal has been featured on news outlets such as Girlboss, Bustle, Medium, and Smart Healthy Women. She lives in Kansas City with her husband and enjoys nerding out to Star Trek, reading, and is involved in racial justice work in the KC Community. You can find her here, on Instagram, and on Facebook. If you’d like access to her Storytelling Roadmap, you can also find it here.

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