Learn to Sell In A Way That Feels Good to YOU!

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When you decided to become a business owner – you decided to become a sales person. BUT – the key to success in selling yourself is to find a way to sell that feels good to you.

I truly believe that there is no ONE way to grow a business, sell, or marketing yourself. It’s honestly the way that feels best to you and that you will do consistently.

In this week’s podcast, I will tell you what that looks like for YOU – and different ways to start getting clients ASAP!

Interview with Alyssa Light, part 1

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Alyssa Light comes from a long and very proud line of tradespeople and until 2009 she was one, too. Alyssa has been an entrepreneur most of her life: Making her first $200 at age 11, starting her first business at 17, and creating the 20th anniversary gifts for Blue Rodeo while in college – she’s always loved business.

In the last 5 years her contributions have taken a company from near-bankrupt to being sale ready, helped a client hit a 5 year target in just 8 months, quadrupled the goal of a clear-out sale, supported a start-up to exceed a 30 day goal by 300%, taken hiring successes from 50% to 90%, and created so much buzz for one client they are now booked 18-24 months out.

With her ability to come up with marketing on the spot for audience members, and sharing proprietary innovative HR systems that revolutionize teams, Alyssa’s content is sharp and relevant. She promises a dynamic and tailored delivery for you.

Alyssa has spoken at Landscape Ontario’s Congress (and is booked for 2020), Ontario Irrigation Conference, CreativFestival, Halton Police Service, Go Camp Pro, Social Tenacity, the Ontario Camp Association, and many more. A self proclaimed lover of conferences, Alyssa’s mission is to make event planners look like superheroes and delegates feel like rockstars.

Interview with Lauren Golden of the Free Mama Movement

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Lauren Golden was my FIRST business coach, guys! She has also built an empire teaching women how to build a freelance business that allows them to provide for their families AND raise their kids.

Lauren and I dig into her journey as a freelancer, the most important part of SALES, and the value of investing in yourself and your business!

Lauren Golden is the fearless leader of The Free Mama Movement and a thriving community of tens of thousands of women who don’t want to choose between family and financial stability. Her mission is simple: Lauren wants to ensure that no mother ever has to sacrifice time with her babies in order to provide for them. Lauren is also a #1 International Bestselling Author. In her upcoming book, The Free Mama: How to Work from Home, Control your Schedule and Make More Money, she shares her own story — along with plenty of practical advice for anyone looking to leave the 9-5 behind and make a real living from home.

@laurengolden on insta and fb

What I Learned from 3 Days in The Mountains with my Business Coach

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Aside from the amazing opportunity to sleep in a bed by myself for 3 nights and NOT have to change any diapers – it’s safe to say that this WILL NOT be my last retreat.

Not only is my coach amazing – but taking the time to THINK about your business and be strategic is priceless. And something that is HARD to do sometimes!

In this podcast, I share the ideas, strategies, and value that I got from my time away – and admit (out louddddd) my great big scary goals for the future! Enjoy!

What do you mean by Sales Activity?

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The timing of this podcast episode is PERFECT – as we’re in a series of training about Booking More Discovery Calls.

The FIRST piece of advice I give new entrepreneurs is to make sure that there is time on their calendar EVERY day for sales activities. Revenue Generating Activities. Income Producing Activities.

In this podcast, I am breaking down what that even means – and how to fit it into your already super busy schedule!

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