I Quit My Job!!!

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I did something a little crazy.
It’s been a what feels like a long, crazy journey to get to this place.
I am SO excited to share my story with you in this week’s podcast.

I LEFT MY CORPORATE JOB (but am still blessed enough to get to work with them in a different capacity!)

Interview – Sarah Talbert

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Sarah spent years feeling like she had lost part of herself in motherhood. She LOVED her family but she had this nagging desire to pursue something more.

Coaching women in business lit that fire in her that was missing for so long. Her husband even told her once he had never seen her so alive before!

She currently is married to her middle school sweetheart, homeschools her three children and LOVES French press coffee.

But coaching other women to discover their own unique gifts and talents was the first business that truly brought me joy.


Interview – Amber Monaco

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Amber Monaco is the Community Manager at Bridge Space in Downtown Lee’s Summit. She loves creating impactful content, meeting and connecting people, and exploring the planet. She has a curious, never-quit-learning attitude that has allowed her to take huge risks and teach herself numerous skills.

Amber’s past lives include serving in the US Navy, working for the Department of Homeland Security in Washington DC, entrepreneurship, podcasting, traveling the world as a digital nomad, and co-launching a fashion technology startup in London. She’s lived on 4 continents and has traveled to 40+ countries.

One time, she finished The New York Times Crossword.

Everyone Is Staring!

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That’s how it feels when you’re just getting started. When you start sharing your business with your friends and family, you feel like you’re being looked at, judged, and ridiculed ALL of the time.

Good news, sweet friend, it’s probably all in your head. In this week’s podcast we dig into that fear of “everyone watching” and talk about the ways to push through the uncomfortable stuff so you can start sharing with confidence, getting visible to your ideal client, and MAKING MONEY in your business.


Myth #2 – No One Can Afford My Services

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I couldn’t help myself. The conversations inside our Top 10 Myths About Growing Your Service Based Business are SO GOOD that I decided to repurpose Myth #2 with you, my amazing podcast audience.

Today’s topic – No One Can Afford My Services ….and that’s why I can’t get clients

In this conversation, we tackle the MINDSET behind pricing, why people don’t buy, and the fact that most “I can’t afford it objections”…are bullsh*t.

If you were there live, LISTEN AGAIN. This is important stuff.

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