Goals – A Letter to Your Future Self!

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People who set goals are more successful.
Period. End of Story.

In this week’s podcast, we’ll break down some ways to get started thinking about your goals, how to work backwards into them – and what we need to DO and THINK to hit our goals.

I also share a letter I wrote myself in March and how much of it came true!


Stick with the Basics Before You Become Great

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Stick with the basics before you become great.

No TRUER words have been spoken, especially in a world of webinars, automation, and half-cooked courses.

In this week’s podcast I am breaking down the basics of building a business that will stand the test of time – regardless of social media trends and algorithm changes!

Sales, Marketing, Time Management, Customer Service – the four areas that you have to be OBSESSED with to grow!

Don’t miss this one – it literally will give you the specific things to focus on each day in your business to make $$$!

Interview with Sarah Wallace

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On this week’s podcast, I chat with my friend Sarah Wallace.

Sarah is a Personal Branding Strategist that I met on Instagram! She helps you develop the FACE behind the logo – and is just brilliant at Instagram.

Sarah and I chat on how to better leverage IG, how to start before you’re ready, and how to learn how to sell yourself (even when it’s terrifying)


“I help frustrated entrepreneurs who have tried all the marketing strategies in the book, leverage their unique stories and life experience to build an influential personal brand their ideal client can’t ignore.”

Connect with Sarah


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Sell Like a Rockstar Workshop

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You DO NOT want to miss this FREE 5 Day Workshop. We kick off on 12/09 at 3p CT.

Agenda for the Sell Like A Rockstar Workshop

Monday – Book More Discovery Calls

Tuesday – The 5 Step Process to Skyrocket your Success

Wednesday – Sales + Money Mindset

Thursday – The Roadmap to YES

Friday – LIVE Q&A

Saturday – BONUSSS Training!

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