Amanda Hines: Growing Your Business With Love

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Amanda Hines the top Brand Messaging Strategist and Business Mentor for service-based experts in the business-to-business arena. Amanda helps service-based entrepreneur master the art of inviting prospects to your high-end solutions. She’s personally helped entrepreneurs go from a feast and famine mentality to being able to handpick their clients every single month.

In this episode, Amanda and Ryann dig into why sales is such an important part of growing your business. According to Amanda, sales is aboout LOVE! Check it out here!

How To Grow an Email List

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Growing an email list is something that everyone says you should be doing, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming. What tech should I use? What freebie should I create? And where do I connect with people to get them to opt-in?!

In this video, we discuss ALL of that and more. From email providers, to landing pages, to an amazing freebie, to nurturing your list AND ideas of how to get people to subscribe – this is a comprehensive overview of email list building.


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There are two main keys to growing an email list.

1 – Make your free resource SO GOOD that people are willing to part with their email address. So good that they could (and should) pay for it.

2 – Make your freebie your call to action everywhere. Social media. Your email signature. Every live stream that you do. Instagram stories, and anywhere else you spend time online.

Can You Learn How to Sell?

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In this episode we dig into how to learn sales skills – even if you’ve never done sales in your life!

When starting your business you might not have realized that sales was part of the job description.

Today, I am breaking down the three key skills that you can learn, practice, and master – to increase your sales numbers, your relationships, and overall success in business.

Online Sales Conversations

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Starting conversations with strangers is one of the biggest challenges my clients bring to me. They’re worried about being spammy or sounding pushy if they reach out to someone they don’t know. In this short, live video – I teach you exactly how to warm up your cold outreach and start genuine conversations with new people.

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I’m a big believer in connecting online like you would offline – so we start with asking thoughtful questions that start a REAL conversation. Simple things like “What are you most excited about in your business?” or “How did you get into your line of work?” are great ways to connect with new people.

Once we connect, we get the opportunity to position ourselves as an expert and convert the conversation to a sales conversation, WHEN APPROPRIATE. While this approach can take more time than others, it’s about real connection, real people, and can help you grow your audience and your authority quickly.


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