Interview with Sarah Wallace

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On this week’s podcast, I chat with my friend Sarah Wallace.

Sarah is a Personal Branding Strategist that I met on Instagram! She helps you develop the FACE behind the logo – and is just brilliant at Instagram.

Sarah and I chat on how to better leverage IG, how to start before you’re ready, and how to learn how to sell yourself (even when it’s terrifying)


“I help frustrated entrepreneurs who have tried all the marketing strategies in the book, leverage their unique stories and life experience to build an influential personal brand their ideal client can’t ignore.”

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Sell Like a Rockstar Workshop

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You DO NOT want to miss this FREE 5 Day Workshop. We kick off on 12/09 at 3p CT.

Agenda for the Sell Like A Rockstar Workshop

Monday – Book More Discovery Calls

Tuesday – The 5 Step Process to Skyrocket your Success

Wednesday – Sales + Money Mindset

Thursday – The Roadmap to YES

Friday – LIVE Q&A

Saturday – BONUSSS Training!

Sales + Money Mindset

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I don’t often repurpose live videos – but this one was SO good, that I couldn’t NOT share. What if the only thing holding you back from hitting your goals…was YOU! Your thoughts?! Your mindset around money + sales?! Crazy, right?!

Also – do NOT forget to register for the Sell Like A Rockstar Workshop!

Interview with Alyssa “Twist” Light – Part 2 – Getting PAID to Speak

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This is PART 2 of my conversation with Twist! She shares her behind the scenes experience of growing her speaking business, how to network your way into this opportunities, and the seeds to plant to go from speaking for FREE to getting paid!

Alyssa Light comes from a long and very proud line of tradespeople and until 2009 she was one, too. Alyssa has been an entrepreneur most of her life: Making her first $200 at age 11, starting her first business at 17, and creating the 20th anniversary gifts for Blue Rodeo while in college – she’s always loved business.

In the last 5 years her contributions have taken a company from near-bankrupt to being sale ready, helped a client hit a 5 year target in just 8 months, quadrupled the goal of a clear-out sale, supported a start-up to exceed a 30 day goal by 300%, taken hiring successes from 50% to 90%, and created so much buzz for one client they are now booked 18-24 months out.

With her ability to come up with marketing on the spot for audience members, and sharing proprietary innovative HR systems that revolutionize teams, Alyssa’s content is sharp and relevant. She promises a dynamic and tailored delivery for you.

Alyssa has spoken at Landscape Ontario’s Congress (and is booked for 2020), Ontario Irrigation Conference, CreativFestival, Halton Police Service, Go Camp Pro, Social Tenacity, the Ontario Camp Association, and many more. A self proclaimed lover of conferences, Alyssa’s mission is to make event planners look like superheroes and delegates feel like rockstars.

Learn to Sell In A Way That Feels Good to YOU!

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When you decided to become a business owner – you decided to become a sales person. BUT – the key to success in selling yourself is to find a way to sell that feels good to you.

I truly believe that there is no ONE way to grow a business, sell, or marketing yourself. It’s honestly the way that feels best to you and that you will do consistently.

In this week’s podcast, I will tell you what that looks like for YOU – and different ways to start getting clients ASAP!

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