Imposter Syndrome + Being a Perfectionist

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I loveeeeee unpopular opinions.

This week I am talking to you about why I think Imposter Syndrome (along with being a perfectionist and an introvert) are all excuses that you’re using to hold yourself back.


I know, I know.

You feel like a fraud.
It has to be PERFECT to put it out there.
And you find it EXHAUSTING to talk to people all day.

I hear you.

But, I don’t buy it.


Sales Fears!

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I meet so many women that are terrified of SALES!

  • They’re worried that people will think they’re pushy, annoying or spammy.
  • They worry what people will think of their business venture.
  • They’re afraid that wanting to make money doing something that comes easily to them is BAD.

In this week’s podcast, I am going to break down your SALES FEARS and talk about some ways you can reframe your thoughts on sales so you can make a living doing something you love!

Getting Visible

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In order to grow from 1-2 clients to 8-10 clients – you need to get VISIBLE!

On this week’s podcast, we dig into 4 key things to think about when you’re READY to start sharing your business with the world.

From your personal brand to SHOWING UP for your potential clients, it’s more than just making noise. When you’re ready to start building – you want to be strategic and intentional with your efforts.

These tips will get you off to a fast start!

Goals – A Letter to Your Future Self!

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People who set goals are more successful.
Period. End of Story.

In this week’s podcast, we’ll break down some ways to get started thinking about your goals, how to work backwards into them – and what we need to DO and THINK to hit our goals.

I also share a letter I wrote myself in March and how much of it came true!


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