Balance and Time Management

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It’s so often that people ask me:

  • How do you get it all done?
  • How do you balance all of the things?
  • How do you manage everything you have going on?

This week’s takes a left turn from sales and tackles entrepreneurship – and the crazy schedule that it can bring (especially when growing a business alongside a full time job).

Spoiler alert, dear friend – I am NOT a one woman team.

There is a VILLAGE that makes this thing work – and I walk you through how to manage my life, my time, my family and my full time job on today’s podcast.

Interview – Stephanie Zamora Schilling

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Stephanie has been supporting entrepreneurs in the Kansas City area for the last 10 years. The experience and expertise she gained while working for two nonprofit organizations; KCSourceLink and the Ennovation Center Business Incubator positioned her to understand the needs and constraints of a very special population, parent entrepreneurs.

Stephanie is the executive director of SymbioBiz, a nonprofit business incubator that assists in helping parent entrepreneurs build successful businesses while finding work/life balance. SymbioBiz provides a flexible place for parents to run part-time businesses, one on one coaching and group classes.

SymbioBiz on Facebook



Facebook group- LS Entrepreneur

Starting Conversations with Strangers

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I constantly hear from my community that they don’t want to come off as spammy or salesy when connecting with new people. Good news, there are plenty of ways to start conversations with strangers online WITHOUT being annoying! It all goes back to the basics – make it about THEM! Connect the same you would in person. And be genuine in your approach.

Check out this week’s podcast for ideas to warm up your cold outreach and start connecting with new people today!

Interview – Sarah Jo Crawford

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Performer at heart, but marketer by trade, Sarah has spent her entire career helping companies and individuals move beyond selling products or services to creating meaningful connections. She’s managed a social media following of over four million, created award-winning marketing campaigns, and reached millions with low-production, high-yield videos.

While marketing trends come and go, Sarah specialize in helping those with great ideas grow their business online. You can learn more about her over at

Networking 101

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The FASTEST path to cash in your business is in person networking.

Meeting someone face to face ups the “know, like, + trust” factor BIG TIME!

However, if you haven’t had a lot of experience networking, it can be intimidating. AND, if you’re been to bad networking events in the past, you’re probably expecting the worst.

Building a network is by far one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself – both personally and professionally.

In this week’s Uncensored Sales Podcast you will learn how to find the right places to network for YOU, how to make the most of your experience, and start turning your networking connections into new clients!

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