You’re amazing at what you do.

You have incredible skills and the people you help are always thrilled with your work. You’re just not growing as fast as you thought you’d be. You’re not bringing on as many clients as you need to and you’re struggling to hit your business goals every month. You’re tired of the hustle.

I hear you, I really do.

Hi, I’m Ryann Dowdy.  

I’m a sales coach and revenue mentor that helps business owners overcome their negative mindset around sales and increase revenue.

I support ambitious, smart, motivated, female entrepreneurs as they work towards their business goals. I believe that mastering basic influence skills (or sales skills) is the key to greatly increasing the number of clients you work with, reaching your income goals, and living the life you imagined when you started your business.

My Story

I am a 15 year professional of the advertising sales industry. I graduated college with a BA in Communications and quickly learned that the only way I was going to make any money was to sell stuff. Fortunately, I landed a job selling something I believe in and was excited about.

Like most 20-somethings, I experienced some bumps along the way. I struggled to make ends meet financially. I ran up ridiculous credit card debt trying to "keep up" with my older, more experienced colleagues. I got so frustrated, I even tried to leave the advertising industry all together at one point.

In an economic downturn, feeling as if advertising was my only "skill," I pursued an MBA, to help increase my marketability in an already tough job market. The education and insight I was able to gain from her MBA program led me to find that advertising wasn't my only passion. I’m  passionate about pursuing leadership and helping people realize their true potential.

It took me several years after earning my MBA to find my next  "dream job" as a Corporate Sales Trainer, traveling the country, training and coaching sales people for a rapidly growing start up. Unfortunately, I was laid off from that job less than 3 years after finding it.

Not to be deterred, I tackled my next job in the advertising agency side of the business and quickly learned that my passion isn't in marketing, but rather in sales, and moved onto another role that allowed me to travel and work with sales teams. Though this role was a great fit at the time, my priorities changed as I got married and started a family and I was looking for a role with less travel. Finally, I landed my ultimate "dream job" building and developing my own sales organization for a local digital marketing agency.

Then It Changed

I always thought that I was a Corporate America girl - a career girl with a corner office. My husband was bought in, I had the support of my family. I knew what I wanted. After I had my son, I learned that I hate rushing. I hate rushing out the door every morning and home every night to do dinner, bedtime, etc. I stopped taking care of myself (because who has time for that?!). I was frustrated at home. I was frustrated at work. I was burnt out.

I knew there had to be a better way. I had to be able to find a way to make money and support my family. It took me awhile to realize that I could lean on what I am really good at to build a business. Sales Coaching.

Coaching is my FAVORITE part of my corporate job. I love being in a classroom, working one on one with reps to solve problems and come up with new ideas. I have a knack for looking at an email or sales copy and finding a way to reword it “just-so” it makes more sense to the buyer.

The Side Hustle

I started a business with the mission to change the negative stigma around sales, especially for female entrepreneurs. I pair my love of coaching with my passion for supporting women to helping women like you master your sales skills (call it what you want, they’re sales skills) so you can bring on more clients, help more people, make more money, and live the life you imagined when you started your business.

I’m building my business alongside my full-time job. I work with clients after my kiddo goes to bed, during lunch breaks at work and over early (early) morning coffees.

I love helping women in business realize that selling isn't a bad thing. I love the change in their attitude towards their business and their clients when they realize that true potential they have in their business, just be fine tuning their sales conversations. 

I am passionate about changing the stigma around sales. Sales is not bad. It's not yucky, pushy, annoying or any of the other things we have convinced ourselves that it is. Selling is helping. Selling is supporting your perfect client and helping them achieve their dreams, by working with you.

Are you ready? Is it time to take it up a notch? Do you want to work with more clients? Do you want to have better sales conversations with your clients and work with more people?

Let’s talk.