5 Important Traits + Skills of Successful Business (and Sales) People

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Every blog, podcast, and book give you tips and tricks to grow your business. You can drive yourself crazy trying to take in all of the advice and implement in your life (not that I’ve tried…).

There are a few traits and skills that successful people seem to put into play, regardless of role, experience, or “technique” they use in their business. Good news, most of these are things you can work on and improve, with the right guidance and support.

Let’s dig in!

1 – Always learning

Successful people are always learning. They’re consistently making themselves better. They read books, they take classes, they seek out people that have more experience or different skills. Successful people know that they never want to be the smartest person in the room. They intentionally seek out places where they can connect with and learn from others. It’s a never ending journey for those experiencing success in their business.

2 – Time Management

While not all super successful business owners are amazing at time management, they fully understand the importance of it. They know that they have to intentional with their days or their schedules can easily run them.

Simple things like planning each week and blocking off time for income producing activities help make sure that the business is constantly moving forward. In addition, they make time for themselves; including meditation, working out, and personal development.

The most successful business owners (and salespeople) you’ll meet know that if it doesn’t get calendar-ed, it doesn’t get done. And while they’re not all amazing at it, they make an effort each day to be intentional with their time.

In a world where “busy” is a badge of honor, successful people know that well thought out, income producing, or strategic activities are key.

3 – Goal oriented

In line with being specific and having a plan for how each day is spent, successful business owners are extremely goal oriented. They’re constantly taking inventory of where they’re at and where they’re going.

It’s more than just setting goals though, it’s about monitoring the progress towards each of those goals that set the “best of the best” apart. It’s not enough to just write down a pie in the sky goal, but rather taking time to to develop a plan to hit that goal.

Successful business owners know that there are some goals that they will miss, but rather than let that get them down – they use that as fuel. They find energy in continuing to stretch themselves and push themselves outside of their comfort zone.

4 – Persistent

Those with the most successful businesses (and the biggest book of business) are those that are persistent. They know that that their first try isn’t always their best try – and that they’re going to have to try over and over again to find a way to make things work.

They don’t back down at resistance and they understand that often times “no” is a “not right now.” They fully understand that the “fortune is in the follow-up” and are tenacious with their outreach when they know they have something of value to offer.

The biggest differentiator for those with the highest success is that they understand the different between persistence and stubbornness. They’re very strategic about where they put their time and energy.

5 – Relationships

In all areas of life, it’s really about building relationships.

In business and in sales, high achievers spend a large portion of their time building relationships with clients, people in their community, their teams, and their vendors. They fully understand that their network is a critical part of their business, regardless of industry.

In an online environment, those that are most successful actually time to spend online interacting with others. It’s not endless scrolling on Facebook or LinkedIn, but finding their people and being thoughtful about starting relationships.

Like most things in life, it’s about the basics. It’s about being intentional with your activity. It’s about connecting with others and never taking the first no as the final no. Working a plan is one of the most underused ways to find success, but a critical one that most successful people follow.


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