4 Things that You Think Will Get You Clients, but Won’t. 

4 Things that You Think Will Get You Clients, but Won’t. 

That’s what we’re going to talk about on today’s episode of Uncensored Sales TV, I am your host Ryann Dowdy, sales strategist that helps high achieving women leave their nine to five and build six figure businesses.

So there are 4 specific things I’m going to talk about today that I do not believe will get you clients. And I know this from personal experience, as well as the experience of my clients, but I want to be clear, I am not vilifying these strategies. I think they are fantastic strategies in the right time when you’re ready. 

#1. Websites

So the first thing that will not get you clients, but you think will, is your website. In a digital world, we think, “oh my gosh, I need a website, I have to have a website.” And while websites are fantastic tools, and yes, of course, we have one in the beginning, it’s just absolutely positively not necessary to have a website; because, one, no one’s going to visit it. And I say that with as much love as possible, but when you are brand new to business, nobody knows about your business. Nobody knows that you even have a business, no one is going to visit that website. So what you’re probably going to do is waste a massive amount of time, energy, and probably money on building a website that no one will see.

So again, a website, eventually as your business grows, when you get clear on your niche, and the problem that you solve, and the services that you want to offer, and all of those different things, one hundred percent in time become really fantastic tools. But in the beginning, your first clients will likely come from either your network or the network of people that you know. They aren’t going to come from random strangers on the internet, Googling health coach in XYZ and visiting your website. And again, I’m not saying that can never happen, but initially in the very beginning, while you’re really getting established, it’s definitely going to come more from your network. So you do not need a website to get clients. 

#2. Social Media Content

The second thing that you do not need to do to get clients is to create massive amounts of content for social media or really for any platform. We live in a content marketing world. 

I’m a very big fan of content marketing, but again, in the beginning of your business content marketing isn’t necessarily the way that your ideal clients are going to find you. They’re going to find you through your network. But what I see happen for so many new entrepreneurs is they’re spending hours and hours and hours writing content and putting it out on social media, or maybe writing a blog or maybe even producing a YouTube video and they’re still not getting clients.

And again, it’s for the same reason that the website isn’t necessary, because nobody knows about you yet. And there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re not doing anything wrong. Nothing has gone wrong in this scenario.

I tell you this, because again, you’re wasting a lot of time and often creating a lot of frustration that is totally not necessary. So, you do need some content.

Content is important. We have a YouTube video here that goes over the only three types of content you need to create until you hit $100,000 in your business. But generally speaking, a lot of content in the beginning, spending a ton of time, creating Instagram stories or all those different things, are not the activities that are going to get your clients.

#3. A Freebie

Another thing that is not required to get you clients is a freebie, a freebie or a lead magnet is probably what you’ve heard, out in the wild, right on social media, when people talk about growing your business.

So many people tell you that you should have a freebie and an email list, an email list is actually the fourth thing, right? So a freebie and an email list in the beginning, are not going to be assets for you.

And here’s why:

When you build a freebie, and I know this because I did it in the beginning of my business, you are assuming you know what people will need or want. When you assume what they will need and want, you may very well miss the mark. And again, I speak from experience. I had a freebie in the very beginning of my business and nobody really wanted it. It was what I thought they wanted. So, if you’re not 100% sure on exactly what your audience would find as the most fantastic freebie, the most helpful thing possible, then don’t create it. Another reason for that is because if somebody downloads that freebie and it’s not good…they’re gone.

You have downloaded that freebie before, you’ve looked at it and you’ve thought, this isn’t good. This isn’t helpful in any way.

And then your relationship with that person is instantly ruined. So, I don’t want you wasting your time, money and resources, but I also don’t want you running the risk of turning somebody off from working with you eventually because they download a freebie. And it’s just not as good or not as helpful as we want it to be. And again, it’s not because of your lack of expertise, it’s just the lack of experience. And there’s nothing wrong with that. 

#4. An Email List

Everyone out there is telling you that you must have an email list, an email list is so important and yes it is. Email is very, very important.

We cannot depend 100% on social media, but in the beginning, if you don’t have a strong freebie, you can’t even really begin to create an email list. You also probably won’t have fantastic content to share with your email list because you’re not 100% sure of the problem that you solve, or the results that your client will get; and if you haven’t mastered storytelling and a really powerful way to make that email list super, super valuable, don’t waste your time, effort, energy, growing an email list and not emailing those people, which is what I see most people do, or be emailing those people and not really connecting with that email and then they quickly unsubscribe.

So all four of these things are fantastic tools; but in the beginning of your business, if you are still trying to get to that 5k month, I really want you to focus on building relationships with people. And that does not require a website, social media content, a freebie, or an email list. It requires going out into the world virtually or in person, meeting people and solving problems. Focus on solving problems for actual humans and not writing social media content that we pray that someone will read. 

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