3 Things to do TODAY to Get Clients!

Let’s talk about three things that you can do today to start generating cash in your online service based business. We are going to drill down into three specific tactics that are going to help you generate cash and get clients quickly. Now, these might not be long-term strategies, but they are things that you can start doing immediately.

My name is Ryann Dowdy. I am a sales coach and your host of Uncensored Sales TV. I help brand new business owners build six figure businesses by mastering their sales conversation and their mindset. If we’ve just met, you may not know this about me, but if you’ve been around for a while, you know, I’m really big on two things: building relationships and that business building takes time. We’ve got to go out in the world and network and connect and serve and provide value. I truly believe that to my core.

However, I’m also very realistic and understand that sometimes you need cash and you need it. Now, maybe you are trying to leave a full-time job, or you were impacted by job loss with COVID-19, or there’s just something going on, and you just need cash and you need it now.

I’m not saying throw the relationship building things out the window, but I want to talk about three really specific strategies that are going to get you closer to getting clients and collecting cash immediately.

The first thing I want to talk about is your warm market.
So, who is your warm market? Your warm market are people that already know you, like you, and trust you. You’ve heard me say this before. We do business with people we know like and trust, and the fastest path to cash is to let those people in your warm market know about your business and what you are looking for.

The important part of this though, is that we really need to understand the problem that we solve or the result that we get for our ideal clients. So, when we tell someone in our warm market what we’re looking for, whether it’s for an introduction or something along those lines, that they can easily help us make that connection because we’ve made it really, really, really clear, but there’s a couple of different ways to do this.

It could just be reaching out to past contacts.  Maybe if you were leaving the corporate world or something along those lines, you have previous business contacts, friends of yours, parents of kids that you go to school with, or people that you go to church with. Anybody that knows you, likes you, and trusts you that you have a relationship with is a connection. Make sure they know about your business, what you’re looking for, and what kind of opportunities that you are open to.

They can help open those doors for you. It is the fastest way to get businesses! Make sure that your warm market knows about your business, and they know how to connect you with the right people. That’s absolutely the fastest path to cash in your business.

Second thing is to actually go into Facebook groups and search for people who are searching for you.
I tell you all the time to stop looking for people who are looking for you because in the long-term business building strategy, that’s really not what you want to do. However, when you need cash fast, sometimes it is as simple as going into a group where your ideal client hangs out using that little ‘search for’ over on the left-hand side. Type in ‘virtual assistant’ or ‘graphic designer’ or ‘health coach,’ ‘life coach,’ whatever, and go through those comments or those posts and see where there are people looking for you and then connect with those people and send them a quick message.

“Hey, we’re both in this group together. I noticed a few weeks ago you were looking for a virtual assistant. Were you able to get those needs met?”

Keep it simple. You’re not pitching your services without being asked, but sometimes, even if the post is older, it doesn’t mean that people filled that gap, or maybe they hired someone, and it wasn’t a great fit. So, I would definitely recommend reaching out to those people.

It’s a little bit of a cold outreach game, but you can say, “Hey, we’re both in this group together. I checked out stuff, and I think you’re really awesome. Are you still looking for digital marketer?” or, “Hey, I noticed that you were working on some health goals. Hare you doing on that? Are you still looking for support?”

Those people were actively looking for you at one point in time and building those relationships and reaching out to them directly in a really direct, honest way is a fantastic way to get clients quickly.

Third way to get clients quickly is to actually post an offer on social media.
I’m not always one for “content generates cash” or “content is how we get clients.” But sometimes making a really direct offer can be impactful. Here’s the deal. We have a tendency to think that people are paying way more attention to us than they are.

We think that they’re paying attention to all of the content that we’re putting out. But…. You told me to stop posting to social media. Yes. I don’t want you spending hours and hours and hours posting on social media. I don’t think that that is a good long-term strategy, but sometimes a really well written post of exactly what you’re looking for and exactly the offer that you’re making can be a great way for your warm market to know what you’re looking for. It is also good for those networking contacts that you’ve been working on building over the past weeks and months.

So, what does that look like? It might be something along the lines of, “I have an opening for one new client to help them achieve this goal.” Be really specific about how you plan to help them reach that goal. Remember to always focus on the result, not just the work you’re going to do, and then make an offer.

This can include:

  • Direct message me for details.
  • If you’re interested in having a conversation drop an emoji below.
  • Let me know if this is something that you need help with.

In an effort to not be salesy, sometimes we just don’t make those offers often enough. So, three ways that you can get clients today:

First things first tap into that warm market. Revisit that old college buddy revisit that old girlfriend of yours, that person that you worked with 10 years ago, send them a quick DMO voice memos are awesome way to do this.

“Hey Shauna, we haven’t connected in a really long time. I’ve been following your journey. I think you’re awesome. Here’s the deal. I started a business as a virtual assistant, and I’m really looking to get a couple of clients here this week. This is what I’m looking for. Can you help me out or do you want to jump on the phone and talk through this?” Let your warm market know what you’re looking for and make it really easy for them to make introductions for you.

Second, go into those Facebook groups of your ideal clients and search for whatever it is that you do. Look for people who are looking for you. This is not a long-term strategy, but it is the fastest path to get cash quickly. I do still want you building relationships with everyone.

We don’t have to wait for the hashtag job of somebody looking for a bookkeeper or looking for a coach. But this might be a really great way to get in the door with somebody who was actively looking for your services somewhat recently. You know that they’re looking for your services and probably investing because of that search.

The final way is to just make a really direct and clear offer on social media.
What are you offering? What does it look like? What is the result that it provides? Who is it for? Be super, super clear and let people know exactly what to do. Make sure there’s a very clear call to action. This can be to send a direct message or to drop an emoji below to connect. These are three things that you can do today to generate cash in your business quickly.

Remember not all of these strategies are long-term strategies. However, I do know that sometimes we just need the cash. We just need that piece of confidence. We just need that pot of money. We just need that one thing to get us over a particular hump. We don’t have time to really focus on the long-term game. I’m a big fan of long term and short term. We should always be looking long-term, but sometimes I know that we need to get things done and we need to get them done quickly.

So, these are three tactics that you can implement in your business today. Start generating cash as quickly as today or tomorrow.

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