3 Sales Call Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s talk about three sales mistakes that I see entrepreneurs make all the time in their business.


Welcome to Uncensored Sales TV. I am your host, Ryann Dowdy, and I’m a sales coach. I help brand new entrepreneurs build a six-figure foundation in their business by mastering their sales conversations and their mindset.


I talked to a lot of entrepreneurs, and there’s a lot of drama around sales. Which, you’re probably not surprised about. Maybe you experienced that yourself, but I see these three mistakes in sales conversations all of the time. I wanted to cover them with you today, just in case you’re making these mistakes.


Mistake #1: Talking too much.

Believe me. I’ve heard this my entire life. I am a talker. I am an extrovert by nature, and I get really excited and really passionate about the work that I do. I have a tendency to talk a lot. However, when you are in a sales conversation with a potential client, you should actually only be doing about 20% of the talking and your potential clients should be doing 80% of the talking.

This is not an opportunity for you to try to convince someone. This is not an opportunity for you to talk someone into something. This is an opportunity for you to learn. Are you a fit to work together? Does this person have a problem that you solve? Do you guys have chemistry from a personality standpoint? Is this someone that you would want to do business with? So, it’s super important in your sales calls, your discovery calls, your concept calls, whatever it is that you call them, to make sure that you are not talking too much and you’re letting the prospect do the talking.


#2: Letting the prospect lead the call.

Cause when you’re new to business, you’re probably a little bit nervous. You’re super excited to win the business. So, you have a tendency to let the prospect drive, you are a business owner. You are a business owner that solves problems for businesses, and you are the one running the call. You need to take control of the call. You’re not being interviewed for a job. You’re not being interviewed by someone else. You are the person who should be in control of the conversation.

I recommend jumping on that sales conversation and right in the beginning, set the expectation, and set an agenda.

“Hey, I’m super excited about our conversation today. Here’s what we’re going to cover.”

“Here’s my goal. And then here’s what we hope to accomplish. Does that work for you?”

Then, you’re already driving the call, and you can jump right in to asking really great questions and letting them do the talking.


#3: Leaving the conversation without a scheduled next step.

I saw this in my entire corporate career. I see it with my entrepreneurs all of the time. We have a tendency to say, “I’m going to follow up on Monday” or “I’m emailing over a proposal.”

What we have done is we have let go of our control of the process. We are no longer in control. The prospect is in control. They’re the one who you are waiting on to make a decision.

What I want you to do is take control of the situation. Always, always, always, always, always, always, always schedule a next step.

If you weren’t able to come to a conclusion as to whether or not you guys would be a fit to work together in that first call, maybe you’re scheduling a follow up step to get an answer. Maybe you’re scheduling a second meeting to go over your custom proposal. Maybe you’re scheduling a second meeting with an additional partner or somebody else who needs to be involved in the conversation. Maybe you got a yes.

Regardless, you never want to get off the phone with a potential client without that next meeting scheduled.



Please stop emailing out your proposals. I see this happen all the time with my virtual assistants, my freelancers, my bookkeepers, my digital marketers. They email over the proposal and wait and see.

I really like to walk clients through proposals because I want my proposal to be super customized. Also, I can’t overcome objections via email. If somebody gets my proposal and responds to the email saying it is too expensive, I can’t overcome that objection. I can’t talk them through. I can’t ask questions. I can’t better understand if we’re just communicating via email.

I always want to be able to handle those objections while I am in conversation with the potential client. I want to make sure that we’re on the same page.

Because the more I can confirm that I’m on the right track, the higher likelihood I get signing on that client.


Let’s Review: 3 sales mistakes that I see entrepreneurs make all the time in their business:

  1. Talking too much
  2. Letting the prospect drive
  3. Leaving the call without a scheduled next step


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