What is a sales funnel? Do need one as a brand-new business owner?


What is a sales funnel? Do need one as a brand-new business owner?

My name is Ryann Dowdy and I’m a sales coach. I help brand new entrepreneurs build the foundation of their six figure businesses by mastering sales conversations and mindsets. I want to talk about a sales funnel today. This is an important conversation. So, I spent my entire corporate career in marketing. So to me, a funnel was a very common word, but if you’ve not been in sales and marketing your entire career, you might be a little confused about what that means and what it is.

So, we’re going to break it down today.

Oftentimes in online entrepreneurship, we hear about the word funnel and we think of automation. We think of technology. You’ve heard of software like ClickFunnels, which I’m a huge fan of, but you think of automation and technology and you probably instantly overwhelmed by that.

I know that I was.

Do you need a funnel in the technology perspective, do you need a landing page that builds an email list that spits out an email sequence?

Probably not, not yet anyway.

Yes, of course. At some point in your business, as your business grows, you are going to want to start building an email list and it’s really super important.

But when you’re brand new, I don’t believe that a technology driven automation funnel is what you need. However, we all need sales funnels.

Sales funnels are part of growing a business. It’s very natural. It’s not new. It has nothing to do with technology. It is literally just the process through how you find leads and convert them to clients. That is literally what a sales funnel is.

So how do we find leads?

What process do they go through to become clients?

So, let’s break down the funnel. We’re going to start at the top of the funnel. So, the top of the funnel are people that we don’t really yet know a lot about. So, these are what we like to call leads. This is just other human beings that we are out in the world conducting with that may become a potential client. That is the very top of your funnel.

Now, we need to take them from lead to prospect.

So, leads are all of the people. Prospects are people that have the problem that you solve. Once we start building relationships, you need to start getting to know them and determine, if a person has the problem that you solve. This is a really big one. And one of the most important things that you need to focus on as your business is understanding the problem that you solve.


So, we’ve got our leads. We’re talking, we’re in the DMs, we’re building relationships. Now we’re identifying our prospects. These people that could potentially have the problem that they see that we solve. Once we start to identify those people, then we need to start nurturing those people. And again, this isn’t a technology thing. It doesn’t have to be complicated. This could be as simple as interacting with somebody on social media. This can be as simple as commenting on their stuff, checking out their websites, those types of things.


We go from lead to prospect to nurture, and now we need to make an invitation.

We need to make an offer to help that person.

So, this may be an invitation to a sales conversation. For most of you, you’re selling one-to-one, you’re selling through a discovery call. A sales call is consultant strategy session, whatever it is, then you’re able to just make that invitation for them to jump on the phone and talk about how you can solve their problem.

And then you’re using that discovery call and that sales call to convert that. That is a funnel! And yes, every single business, it needs one, but there is no tech required. You can use a funnel on social media. You can use a funnel in human person to person sales. You can use a funnel with email marketing, with cold calling.

There’s a million different ways to build a funnel in your business, because it really is just about the process of taking random strangers to prospect, building relationships, making offers, and then converting them to clients.


What’s a great way to track your funnel?

We use Trello. This is very simple. We have a Trello board where we actually keep track of our leads and our business. We keep track of cold leads – those strangers on the internet that we just started interacting with. Then, they become cool leads once we start to identify that they are a prospect. We literally use the Trello board like a whiteboard. So there’s cold, cool, warm and hot. So cold are just people out here. We’re networking, we’re connecting, we’re in conversations. Then once they’ve identified that they’re a prospect, we’re starting to engage with them. Then once we start to nurture them a little bit. Then, if they are a fit, we push them to warm.

And then we make an invitation to a sales call, and we push them to hot. This is such an important part of your business – and it’s very simple.


See you soon!

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Let’s reverse engineer, your six-figure business.

Let’s reverse engineer, your six-figure business.


Yes. Today I’m going to break down exactly how you get to the elusive six figures in your service based business. My name is Ryann Dowdy and I am a sales coach. I help brand new entrepreneurs build six figure businesses by mastering their sales conversations and mindset.

Today you are in for a treat because we going to reverse engineer the six-figure business. If you haven’t watched my video on why six figures definitely make sure you go check that out now. A six-figure business, $8,333 a month equates to $100,000 a year. It is this mythical thing that we talk about in the online space, but how do you get there?

I like to work backwards. So, I know the number is $8,333. Where do I have to start?

The first thing I want you to figure out is how many clients do you need to hit that number?

So, if you sell a service, it’s a thousand dollars a month, you need nine clients, right? If you sell a service, that’s $500 a month, you need 18 clients. If you discover that the number of clients that you need to hit that in a month is way too many… then we probably need to have a conversation about your pricing and increasing those prices.

So I’m going to go with a very basic numbers because that’s what I am good at. So we’ll start with needing nine clients, which essentially will get us to $9,000.

So now we know we need nine clients, each paying us $1,000.

So now we need to go to work on creating a $1,000 a month offer.

An offer is essentially what you sell. It is what people pay you for. It could be anything from your social media management services to your digital marketing services, Pinterest management services, or maybe you’re a health coach, or a life coach. There are a million different things that you could do to get there. Think through what you need to put in a package or a program that someone would pay a thousand dollars a month.

Value what you do based on results, not time.

I don’t want you just reverse engineer how much you should make in an hour. Instead, what is the result that someone needs to get to pay you a thousand dollars?

So in the business to business space, I want you thinking through, if somebody paid me a thousand dollars, how much money do they stand to make with the service that I’m providing for them? In the business to consumer space, what’s worth a thousand dollars to your client and reverse engineer your offer in that way.

So, we’ve decided we need nine clients. We need a thousand dollar a month offer that we need to go sell to nine people, but we need to make sure that that offer delivers a return on investment.

So, write it down on the top of a piece of paper: $1,000.

What can I include in my offer that makes it worth $1,000? Remember – It’s not always your time. We don’t want to trade time for money. We really want to deliver $1,000 worth of results for someone. So, now we know that we need nine clients and a thousand dollars, we’ve got a thousand dollar offer. Now we’ve got to go find some clients!

That’s how we get to $100,000.

So, for me, again, knowing that we need nine clients. Now we need to reverse engineer – how many people do we need to talk to you to get nine clients?

So, if you’re brand new and you’ve never run a sales conversation before, you’re probably going to have a lower close rate than someone who has run a lot of sales calls and knows how to close. So for me, I like to think for every five sales calls that you book or that you have, that you’re going to get one or two clients. For the sake of this, we’re going to say two clients. That puts you at a 40% close rate. Now that you know, for every five sales calls, you get two clients … you are going to have to run about 25 to 30 sales calls to be able to get the number of clients that you need.

So, we need 25 sales calls to get nine clients, not everybody’s numbers are going to be the same, but this is just me helping you really break down the math and reverse engineer. So, now you know, you need to book 25 sales calls.

How many new people do I need to talk to, to get to 25 sales calls?

And this is going to be different for all of you, but I really want you thinking through, okay, how many conversations, how many networking calls, how many emails do I have to send? This is going to be different for all of you depending upon how many people are currently in your network. You need to get 25 sales calls on your calendar and then go to work on that and then take it one step further, work it backwards.

Now we know we need to network at least an hour every single day. And hopefully over the course of a week, if we’re networking for five hours, we can book five sales calls.

So, say for every hour you put in, you book one sales call.

Now we know every week if you are going to book five sales calls, you have to book 25 calls.

So, now we just figured out to get to a six-figure business!

Potentially I need to close two clients at a time or two clients every week. Essentially, I could get there in five weeks, right? However, we also need to reverse engineer the amount of time it’s going to take to do the client work. So, if you could only onboard two or three clients at a time based upon your time commitments, then it’s not just going to take five weeks.

It’s going to take even longer. And that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Nobody’s building six-figure businesses overnight.

I just really like to break it down because down at the brass tacks of a building, a business is about numbers. It’s about understanding what those numbers are and the transaction that can number of people talk to two sales calls booked from sales calls to number of clients from number of clients to dollars made. Super simple.

But breaking down this math, mapping out your plan, putting this on your calendar can take away so much of the drama in your brain about how to get to six figures. You have a plan. Now, what do we need to do is make sure that we work the plan every single day, and that we set ourselves up for success and onboard those clients in a timely fashion.

So, we all know, most people can’t onboard nine clients over the course of six weeks. So maybe you close two clients and then you wait a couple of weeks. You close two more clients. You wait a couple more, but really making sure that you think this through is the key to success. And that is why I wanted to walk you through reverse engineering, six figures.

If I am you, I am not selling one thing. I’m selling a thousand dollars a month for six months, right? A retainer, a program, a package of some kind that creates recurring revenue in your business. I don’t want you having to go out and close nine clients every single month to get to your goal of $8,333. So think through again, that package, that program, that’s worth a thousand dollars a month that somebody would sign on for three months or six months or 12 months in your business.


See you soon!

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How do you find prospects or potential clients online?

How do you find prospects or potential clients online?

In this episode of Uncensored Sales TV, I’m going to give you six different ideas of how to find potential clients online.


#1 Facebook

Personally, Facebook is my favorite place to find clients online. The reason I really love Facebook as a tool to find clients online is because Facebook has done the heavy lifting for us by creating Facebook groups. So, what I recommend is find Facebook groups where your ideal client hangs out and joining those groups and start networking there immediately. Don’t overthink this. There are no right or wrong groups to jump into. I like to view each Facebook group as a networking event. I’d go to different networking events and meet different people, right?

Same thing in Facebook groups.

Go into Facebook groups, meet different people, shake hands, get to know them, start conversations. It is a fantastic way to find prospects online. And the good news is that Facebook is really promoting groups right now. If you’re here in August of 2020, when this is written, Facebook groups are being favored right now. It is a fantastic place to find potential clients and a fantastic place to get super, super visible.


#2 Instagram

Instagram is another incredible tool for business owners of all shapes and sizes.

The reason I really love Instagram is because it is a very direct message of friendly platform. I love talking to people. I think that the secret to finding clients is by starting conversations and building relationships. Instagram is very much built for that.

In fact, again, Instagram really encourages you using all the different parts and pieces of its platform. So, when you go over to Instagram, you can actually search by hashtag.

Find out what hashtags are your potential clients using and then go search those hashtags and start interacting with those people.

You can also look at influencers. So, what influencers, what brands, what stores, where do they shop? Where do they buy their coffee? Where is your ideal client or who are they following? You can actually go through all of those different brands and look at their followers and start interacting that way.

So another fantastic way to find prospects online is to use hashtags and influencers over on Instagram and start interacting and getting into conversations.


#3 LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an incredible tool if you are working with clients who are in the corporate space. CEOs, the C- suites, those entrepreneurs are definitely on LinkedIn and it is a credible tool to go connect with them and start relationships.

What I also really love about LinkedIn is the idea that you can actually search by location and job title.

So again, if you’re looking for a CEO or a chief executive officer, or you’re looking for an accountant, you can actually search for that specifically and then also for a location. If you want to work with businesses local to you, you can do that as well.

LinkedIn is also a very direct message friendly platform. However, it also tends to be a very sales driven platform. So, it’s really, really important to stand out on LinkedIn. Focus on building relationships first, It’s a wonderful place to find potential clients.


#4 YouTube

If you are serving online entrepreneurs – go to YouTube and look for who has YouTube channels that they’re constantly putting content out on. Go in and comment on their videos, subscribe, follow along. Oftentimes they give you instructions on YouTube for you to join our Facebook group or follow us on Instagram or whatever. It’s a really great place to start, especially again, if you’re looking to serve a specific type of entrepreneur that would have a really healthy and robust YouTube channel.


#5 Podcasts

Same idea as YouTube – going and finding top 20 marketing podcast, business podcasts, entrepreneur podcasts really depends on who your ideal client is, but again, podcasts hosts typically have healthier businesses.


#6 Google

Another one that is vastly underserved, but a really, really great place to find prospects on that is Google.  Again, if you have decided who you want to work with, you could just go to Google and search for them, right?

Physical therapist in my town and pull them up and start creating a list of prospects that way you can honestly put together that list of prospects and then jump over to social media or any of these other platforms that we’ve also talked about and interact with them there.

So, I’m not proposing that you have to cold call (while that’s not a bad strategy). I’m not proposing that you have to do that. You can absolutely take that list and go find them on social media and connect with them in different ways. But it’s a really, really simple way. And again, finding businesses that are ranked well on Google also have, are an indicator of how much work they’ve put into their website and their search engine optimization. Because again, we’re always looking for potential clients, hopefully that have money to invested with us.


See you soon!

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How Do I Get Leads for FREE?

How do I get leads for free?

This is a question I hear all the time inside of my community.

I need leads, but I don’t have any money to invest in advertising.

How do I get the leads for free?

And that is exactly what we’re going to talk about in today’s episode of uncensored sales TV.

My name is Ryann Dowdy and I am a sales coach. I support brand new entrepreneurs that are building a six figure business by mastering their sales conversation and their mindset. I love this question and I feel really validated in answering this question for you because I built what will be a $500,000 business in 2020 spending less than $10,000 in ads.

In the last few years, I spent less than $10,000 in ads and the last two years grew a half a million-dollar business. So, I feel like I’ve really mastered getting leads for free. Advertising was an experiment for us. One that we did not love the return on investment for.

So, we have really doubled down on this organic lead generation strategy that I am going to teach you today.

How do you use Facebook and Instagram specifically to get leads for free in your service-based business?


#1: Clean up your social media profile.

I am here to tell you that as an online entrepreneur, social media is no longer about connecting with your friends and family. I’m sorry for some of you that’s really bad news and yes, of course you can still connect with your friends and family, but Facebook and Instagram have just become networking tools, your tools to building a multi six figure business. That is what they are for.

So, it’s a small mindset shift, but it’s one that’s really, really important because the first thing that you need to do to get leads for free is to clean up your profiles and make sure you look like a business owner.

I’m going to walk you through exactly how to network and connect and sell and serve and all the ways that feel good in this video. But the first thing I want you to do is make sure that your profile is set up so that people can tell who you are, what you do and who you serve. I get friend requests all the time on Facebook from people who I am assuming are other entrepreneurs, but I can’t tell by looking at their profile.

Clean up your cover photo.

If you don’t want it to be a branded business cover photo that’s okay. Make it something clean, pretty, something that is easy to look at your profile photo should be a picture of you of your face. Hopefully smiling gets some good light, nothing professional needed, but a really great clear photo of your face. What we like to do is use that little space underneath your name when you’re on desktop to mention your business. It doesn’t have to be a walking business advertisement, but it can really make it clear that you have a business. So, if you’re a virtual assistant, if you’re a health coach, if you’re a life coach, if you are a digital marketer of some kind, a bookkeeper, make sure that that is mentioned in your profile set up.

It’s super, super important because you don’t want to miss out on opportunities to convert and to get clients because your profile isn’t optimized.

Optimizing Instagram is a bit easier. Again, clear photo of your face. Use that bio right there to talk about your business. And you get one link on Instagram, one link to market your business, make it count


#2 Networking

This is how we generate leads for free. It’s by going out onto social media and talking to other people. So if you’re over on Facebook, I suggest that you find five or six Facebook groups that you really like hanging out in that your ideal clients hang out in.

If you’re over on Instagram, you can use things like hashtags. You can also see what influencers have already gathered together your ideal clients, and then really get to work and connecting and building a network.

Networking is very easy and we have a tendency to overcomplicate it because we think it means something salesy or spammy, but really networking is about connecting with other people in a really genuine way and building relationships.

Figuring out where on social media, you are going to network is super important. Then, make sure that you’re spending time every single day inside those Facebook groups or over on Instagram, interacting with your ideal clients. We are not selling to them. We are not pitching to them. We are simply interacting. We are providing value. We are answering questions. We are building relationships. We want to get super visible and super valuable. We want to be seen as that person that people see everywhere.

We definitely want to make sure that we network because this is the most important part of getting leads for free.

When people come to me and they tell me, “Hey, Ryann, I’m really struggling to get engagement.” The first thing I ask is “how much engaging are you doing every single day?”

If you’re not engaging every single day, you can’t expect engagement every single day.

So go out and network.

So we’ve got an awesomely optimized profile on either Facebook or Instagram. We have got our networking strategy.


#3 Content

We need to put out content so that when somebody lands on our profile, they can instantly tell who we are and what we do. I am not of the belief that content is King for brand new entrepreneurs. Yes, content is an incredible tool and a tool that will serve you well as your business grows, but when you are brand new and you’re just trying to get those first couple of clients, the content is not what gets you clients. Connection is what gets you clients, which is that networking part.

However, as you network, the more visible you become, the more value that you provide, the more curious people will come about you.

As human beings, we have a tendency to be a little nosy. It’s really, really important that that profile is optimized. We already did that, but let’s make sure we start putting out content. So when they land on that profile, they can instantly decide if they want to get to know you better.

They can decide they want to send you a friend request if they want to follow you or if they want to interact with you in some way. I always recommend there are three types of content that you need to create until you hit a hundred thousand dollars in your business.

Spoiler Alert.

Value content. Education content. Connection content.

Make sure these are on your profile. So, when you’re out networking, being super helpful that people come back to that hub where they can find you, they can instantly tell, who are you and what you’re about. They can start building a relationship with you immediately.

So, now you’re going to notice that you’re going to start to get friend requests and follow requests. All of a sudden people are going to want to be around you because you were this super helpful, super valuable person. This is where the rubber hits the road. We’re networking. We’re putting out this great content. Now we need to get into conversation one to one conversations.


#4 Slide into the DMs

Yes. I’m going to tell you to slide into the direct messages – that is where the magic happens. That is how we built one on one relationships. So, what we love to do on our social profiles with somebody new, is send them a message and thank them for being there.

Hey Sarah, thank you so much for the connection request. I love getting to know the women in my network. Tell me how long have you been a copywriter?

Hey, George, I noticed that you do this really awesome thing. I think that’s fantastic. Thanks for the connection quest request. Tell me more about you.


Start conversations because that is where the magic happens.


That is where we get to learn about people and actually turn all of these people on the internet into leads. They become leads in our inbox. They become leads in one on one conversation.

They’re just people, right? They come into our inbox. Once we start building a relationship, we have an opportunity to start seeing if a person a potential client. Does this person fit the profile of the people I help? Does this person have the problem that I solve?

And once we learned that about them by human to human connection, we can start inviting them to sales conversations.



#1 Optimize your profile

#2 Networking

#3 Valuable Content

#4 Slide into the DMs


See you soon!

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