Outreach + Conversations with Strangers

Let’s talk about outreach, cold outreach, and how to start conversations with strangers without being spammy, weird, or annoying.


If we haven’t met yet, my name is Ryann Dowdy and I am a sales coach. I help brand new entrepreneurs build six figure businesses by mastering your sales conversations and your mindset. And I am super excited about this conversation because it is one that I get a lot of questions about.


So, let’s talk about outreach, cold outreach, direct messaging, all the drama that comes up for you when we talk about it. I really want to actually first focus on the mindset piece of this. There are a lot of people out there that really believe that outreach and cold outreach is just the worst thing ever to do in business.


Don’t ever direct message a stranger and don’t ever, you know, DM ME. If I wanted something I would reach out to you, and that has caused you, as a brand new entrepreneur, to have a lot of fear and anxiety about the idea of sending a message to a stranger without having permission to do so.


I want to kind of level set on that because I think it’s really important for us to think about all of the outreach that we do as we’re growing a business is actually cold outreach in and of itself. Building a relationship with a stranger is cold outreach. If you go to a networking event to meet new people, it’s called outreach. If you meet a friend at a cocktail party who introduces you to somebody new it’s called outreach. We are all learning and meeting new people all of the time.


That means that these are technically cold leads people we did not know before and are starting conversations and relationships with them. So that is the first thing I want you to think about is if you’re like, Oh, I don’t want to do cold outreach.


Really guys, it’s all cold outreach when we’re networking and connecting and talking to strangers, it’s all about building relationships with new people, which is where the magic happens in sales. So how do we do any kind of outreach without being spammy, without being weird, without pissing people off?


What I have learned is most people that are really up in arms about cold outreach are actually not too upset about cold outreach in general, they’re upset about the cold pitch. It is about somebody trying to sell them something in their direct messages without ever building a relationship without ever qualifying them for the product and without ever in any way, shape or form asking, do you have a need or a want for my product or service?


That is the kind of cold outreach that people don’t like. That is what fires people up. And the reason I know that this is I’ve pulled a lot of people. I’ve asked a lot of questions about this, and I really want you guys to think about it. It is not about the idea of I don’t ever want to connect with a stranger. It’s the idea of, I don’t ever want to be sold something. I didn’t give someone permission to sell me.


That is one of my number one rules. We never sell to anyone unless we have permission to do so. And it’s so important for you to remember that we are not selling things to people who aren’t interested, who don’t want to have a conversation. We’re not forcing our products or services onto anyone. We are focusing on building relationships. And when someone does in some way, shape or form fit the criteria of a potential ideal client, we want to start building a relationship with them. We do that through outreach.


That is really what it looks like in sales. And that is what happens in the corporate world that I am slowly but surely working on bringing into entrepreneurship is this idea of building relationships with strangers is not a bad thing. So how do we do that in a way that doesn’t feel gross, where they don’t feel like they’re getting cold pitch, where they don’t feel like it’s being invasive?


So the first thing is I want to do when we start conversations with strangers is I always want to make it about them.
I always want to ask them a question about what themselves, what does that look like? So say for instance, you are a life coach and you connect with somebody in a Facebook community and it’s someone that just totally fits the criteria of an ideal client for you.


And you’re like, Oh my gosh, I just really love that woman. I think she’s fantastic. How do I, how do I get in touch with her? How do I reach out to her? How do I start building a relationship with her without being spammy or weird?


What I recommend doing is going and checking out whatever social profile you guys connected on. Maybe you connected on Facebook. Check out her Facebook, and then send her a direct message that says, Hey, Sarah, you and I are in a Facebook group together. And you’re always giving such a fantastic advice. So I checked out your profile and I noticed that you have two kids that appear to be same in age to my kiddos. How old are your kiddos? Thank you so much for providing so much value in that community!


It was all about her. You weren’t pitching her, anything you weren’t asking her, anything, you were starting a conversation with her about her. Will she responded? Who knows? The response rate is somewhere between 20 and 30%. I think that sometimes, we think that nobody responded. Well, if you send 10 messages and three people respond, you actually have a well above average response rate. So first things first – make it about them.


Second of all, I want you to always ask questions.
That is how we continue conversations. Anytime you’re stuck in a conversation, ask somebody a question about themselves. The fastest way to build a relationship to learn about them is to ask them a question. So notice I had that example of the life coach with Sarah and the woman we reached out to, and it’s like, Oh, you know, it looks like our kids are similar in age. How old are your kids?


I’ve asked a question. She doesn’t have to think, she doesn’t have to come up with anything. I have basically told her how to respond to me by asking her a question. So we always want to make sure when we’re having a conversation with someone new, that we are asking questions, not in a way to interrogate, but in a way to get to know them. So they don’t have to come up with what to say next.


Some people are really anxious and uncomfortable talking to new people. So, I never want them to have to come up with the burden of continuing the conversation. The way that I can do that is by always asking a question.


Number three is to be genuine.
If you are not at all interested in building a relationship with Sarah and learning about her kiddos, don’t ask that question.

People can smell BS from a mile away. Believe me. I know that can. As an online entrepreneur, I get a ton of messages all of the time, and people can smell BS a mile away. So make sure that you’re being really genuine in your outreach.


If you don’t have any interest in their kiddos, don’t ask them a question about their kiddos.  If you don’t have any interest in the work that they do, don’t ask a question in that way. Please make sure that you’re being genuine and that you were coming from a place of genuinely building relationships. Cause like I said, people will smell it a mile away and they won’t like it. You will instantly come off as spammy. So make sure that wherever you are, whatever energy that you were in, when you were doing this outreach, that you’re really mindful of who the other person is and being really genuine.


Ask yourself: if you received this message, would it feel genuine? Would you see connection in this? Would this be a conversation you would want to be a part of? That’s always a really good test of your outreach.


A fourth piece of advice on starting conversations with strangers is to do your research.
The internet gives us so many tools and it takes like 90 seconds to do some research on someone to learn a little bit about them, and check out their Facebook page, or check out their Instagram, or check out their LinkedIn. If you’re a business owner, check out their website.  It takes 90 seconds to do that research. And it will put you light years ahead of anybody else who’s cold pitching them spammy stuff because you actually took the time to learn something about them.


It goes back to my first point, which is always making it about them. But doing that research, finding some way to connect on a personal level will definitely get you a much higher response rates and also help you be more confident in that outreach because you have found that connection. It’s not just a shot in the dark. You’ve actually found a real place to connect with this person.


The final piece of this is to make sure that you’re personalizing!
Again, going back to being genuine, people can smell a copy and pasted message a mile away. They know when it is a copy and pasted message. So if you have any of you ever received the message from someone who actually had like the wrong name in it, when it was like, Hey Carol, and you’re like, my name’s not Carol….

It was because somebody copied and pasted a message. They sent it to 10 people and that never feels good. Even if your heart’s in the right place, that never feels good. So, make sure that there’s some level of personalization. This goes back to doing your research, and then personalizing that conversation specifically to that person.


You’re always saying kind of the same thing when you’re starting new relationships and connecting with new people, I’m not proposing that we totally reinvent the wheel here, but I am saying find some level of personalization. That way, the person knows that you’re interested in them. Remember – sales and getting clients is all about relationship building. It’s all about having that connection with someone and human to human connection. That’s how we get clients in our business. And that is how your outreach will stand out over and above any other kind of outreach that people are getting.


So quick review!
How to start conversations with strangers.

Number one is to always make it about them.
If your message has the word I in it too many times, rewrite it. It’s always about them.


Number two is to ask questions.
That’s how we continue conversations. You take on the burden of controlling the conversation by asking questions.


Number three is to be genuine.
Don’t connect with people that you don’t want to connect with. Go with your gut. You’re intuitive. You can decide whether or not to have a cup of coffee with this person, or to have a glass of wine with this person. And if the answer is no, then no, they’re not your people. Then don’t have that conversation that don’t start that conversation. People will sense it. So be genuine.


Number four, do your research.
Take 90 seconds. Yes. This takes time. Relationship building takes time. Building a business takes time. Ninety seconds to build a connection that could result in a client that is worth thousands of dollars is 110% worth it. So do your research.


Finally, Number five is to personalize your message.
Personalize your outreach, make that person feel like you genuinely care about getting to know them. Make them feel you have taken that time to do that research and that you are a real person on the other side of it, not a bot, really seeking to find that connection. So that is how we start conversations with strangers without being spammy, weird, and without being uncomfortable and without pitching our services without permission. That is never something I would encourage you to do.


If you are not yet a member of the Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs Mastering Sales Skills Facebook group, I would love for you to join us over there. We do a ton of free trading, all about networking, connecting, selling, and serving. We’d love to have you also, I have a fantastic free resource for you and it’s called the uncensored sales system. It is my proven five step system from lead generation to closing and onboarding. It’s a really great PDF. So you can feel free to download that. And then of course, if you’re not following us yet on Instagram, we’d love to hang out with you. It’s @UncensoredSales. I’ll see you soon!

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3 Things to do TODAY to Get Clients!

Let’s talk about three things that you can do today to start generating cash in your online service based business. We are going to drill down into three specific tactics that are going to help you generate cash and get clients quickly. Now, these might not be long-term strategies, but they are things that you can start doing immediately.

My name is Ryann Dowdy. I am a sales coach and your host of Uncensored Sales TV. I help brand new business owners build six figure businesses by mastering their sales conversation and their mindset. If we’ve just met, you may not know this about me, but if you’ve been around for a while, you know, I’m really big on two things: building relationships and that business building takes time. We’ve got to go out in the world and network and connect and serve and provide value. I truly believe that to my core.

However, I’m also very realistic and understand that sometimes you need cash and you need it. Now, maybe you are trying to leave a full-time job, or you were impacted by job loss with COVID-19, or there’s just something going on, and you just need cash and you need it now.

I’m not saying throw the relationship building things out the window, but I want to talk about three really specific strategies that are going to get you closer to getting clients and collecting cash immediately.

The first thing I want to talk about is your warm market.
So, who is your warm market? Your warm market are people that already know you, like you, and trust you. You’ve heard me say this before. We do business with people we know like and trust, and the fastest path to cash is to let those people in your warm market know about your business and what you are looking for.

The important part of this though, is that we really need to understand the problem that we solve or the result that we get for our ideal clients. So, when we tell someone in our warm market what we’re looking for, whether it’s for an introduction or something along those lines, that they can easily help us make that connection because we’ve made it really, really, really clear, but there’s a couple of different ways to do this.

It could just be reaching out to past contacts.  Maybe if you were leaving the corporate world or something along those lines, you have previous business contacts, friends of yours, parents of kids that you go to school with, or people that you go to church with. Anybody that knows you, likes you, and trusts you that you have a relationship with is a connection. Make sure they know about your business, what you’re looking for, and what kind of opportunities that you are open to.

They can help open those doors for you. It is the fastest way to get businesses! Make sure that your warm market knows about your business, and they know how to connect you with the right people. That’s absolutely the fastest path to cash in your business.

Second thing is to actually go into Facebook groups and search for people who are searching for you.
I tell you all the time to stop looking for people who are looking for you because in the long-term business building strategy, that’s really not what you want to do. However, when you need cash fast, sometimes it is as simple as going into a group where your ideal client hangs out using that little ‘search for’ over on the left-hand side. Type in ‘virtual assistant’ or ‘graphic designer’ or ‘health coach,’ ‘life coach,’ whatever, and go through those comments or those posts and see where there are people looking for you and then connect with those people and send them a quick message.

“Hey, we’re both in this group together. I noticed a few weeks ago you were looking for a virtual assistant. Were you able to get those needs met?”

Keep it simple. You’re not pitching your services without being asked, but sometimes, even if the post is older, it doesn’t mean that people filled that gap, or maybe they hired someone, and it wasn’t a great fit. So, I would definitely recommend reaching out to those people.

It’s a little bit of a cold outreach game, but you can say, “Hey, we’re both in this group together. I checked out stuff, and I think you’re really awesome. Are you still looking for digital marketer?” or, “Hey, I noticed that you were working on some health goals. Hare you doing on that? Are you still looking for support?”

Those people were actively looking for you at one point in time and building those relationships and reaching out to them directly in a really direct, honest way is a fantastic way to get clients quickly.

Third way to get clients quickly is to actually post an offer on social media.
I’m not always one for “content generates cash” or “content is how we get clients.” But sometimes making a really direct offer can be impactful. Here’s the deal. We have a tendency to think that people are paying way more attention to us than they are.

We think that they’re paying attention to all of the content that we’re putting out. But…. You told me to stop posting to social media. Yes. I don’t want you spending hours and hours and hours posting on social media. I don’t think that that is a good long-term strategy, but sometimes a really well written post of exactly what you’re looking for and exactly the offer that you’re making can be a great way for your warm market to know what you’re looking for. It is also good for those networking contacts that you’ve been working on building over the past weeks and months.

So, what does that look like? It might be something along the lines of, “I have an opening for one new client to help them achieve this goal.” Be really specific about how you plan to help them reach that goal. Remember to always focus on the result, not just the work you’re going to do, and then make an offer.

This can include:

  • Direct message me for details.
  • If you’re interested in having a conversation drop an emoji below.
  • Let me know if this is something that you need help with.

In an effort to not be salesy, sometimes we just don’t make those offers often enough. So, three ways that you can get clients today:

First things first tap into that warm market. Revisit that old college buddy revisit that old girlfriend of yours, that person that you worked with 10 years ago, send them a quick DMO voice memos are awesome way to do this.

“Hey Shauna, we haven’t connected in a really long time. I’ve been following your journey. I think you’re awesome. Here’s the deal. I started a business as a virtual assistant, and I’m really looking to get a couple of clients here this week. This is what I’m looking for. Can you help me out or do you want to jump on the phone and talk through this?” Let your warm market know what you’re looking for and make it really easy for them to make introductions for you.

Second, go into those Facebook groups of your ideal clients and search for whatever it is that you do. Look for people who are looking for you. This is not a long-term strategy, but it is the fastest path to get cash quickly. I do still want you building relationships with everyone.

We don’t have to wait for the hashtag job of somebody looking for a bookkeeper or looking for a coach. But this might be a really great way to get in the door with somebody who was actively looking for your services somewhat recently. You know that they’re looking for your services and probably investing because of that search.

The final way is to just make a really direct and clear offer on social media.
What are you offering? What does it look like? What is the result that it provides? Who is it for? Be super, super clear and let people know exactly what to do. Make sure there’s a very clear call to action. This can be to send a direct message or to drop an emoji below to connect. These are three things that you can do today to generate cash in your business quickly.

Remember not all of these strategies are long-term strategies. However, I do know that sometimes we just need the cash. We just need that piece of confidence. We just need that pot of money. We just need that one thing to get us over a particular hump. We don’t have time to really focus on the long-term game. I’m a big fan of long term and short term. We should always be looking long-term, but sometimes I know that we need to get things done and we need to get them done quickly.

So, these are three tactics that you can implement in your business today. Start generating cash as quickly as today or tomorrow.

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How to Get Clients in One Hour Per Day

Did you know that you can get clients in one hour per day?


One hour of super specific, super concentrated effort can get you NEW clients in your service based business. Welcome to Uncensored Sales. I am Ryann Dowdy. I am a sales coach and I help brand new entrepreneurs build six figure businesses by mastering their sales conversation and their mindset.


I know that there’s a lot of false promises on the internet about becoming a millionaire, barely working. This is not one of those topics. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you can do. Now, if you’re looking for real resources and real ways to be really specific with 60 minutes in your day, then come hang out, stick around. I do a ton of training on helping you get your first clients in your business, but let’s talk about what that one hour, each day looks like to help you get clients.


When I started my business, I was growing my business alongside my full-time job. I was pregnant. I had a toddler and was just super busy. I was involved in our church. I had a lot going on. I did not have a lot of time. I had to be super, super intentional with my time. I developed this system that I didn’t even realize I was developing at the time about one hour of super concentrated income generating activity every single day.


First of all, let’s talk about what income generating activity is.
Simply put, it is the stuff that you do that makes you money early on in your business. The stuff that makes you money is talking to people, actually being in the DMS with people, interacting with people, networking with people, having networking coffee and networking chats. I’m showing up at in person networking events. If that’s your jam, hang out on Instagram, in the DMS with people and really interact with other humans. That is income generating activity and computer activity that is not writing content.


It is not working on client work. It is not developing assets for your business. I want to be clear on that first. Because this one hour in your day has to be super focused on income generating activity. Not those other things, not that those other things don’t make you money. They are not actually what’s going to sell those services. Those are things that need to be done in your business. They’re important, but they’re not the income generating activity. What I actually did with my hour was I broke it down into three 20-minute chunks because I was working full time. One was super early in the morning, one was over my lunch break, one was in the evening after my son went to bed.


My first block of my 20-minute time was what I called my outbound block.
That block was where I would go into Facebook groups and comments and answer questions and just provide a ton of value for people. I would pick whatever Facebook group I was hanging out on. And of course you can do this on Instagram and LinkedIn as well. I would go through and I would just get involved in as many conversations as possible. Do not overthink this.


You are not looking for people looking for you. You are here to get involved in conversations. Honestly, guys, think of Facebook groups as networking events. When you go to a networking event, you’re not only talking to people who are looking for you. You’re talking to all of the people in the room. You’re shaking hands, you’re meeting people. You’re getting involved in conversation. You want to be seen as someone who is valuable and interesting and knows their stuff and shows up consistently.


So that is what that outbound block was. It was just going out and getting into the comments of Facebook groups. I didn’t post a lot in Facebook groups early on in my journey. That is a strategy that we are testing. As it continues to work for us, of course, I will share it with you guys. I always do. But first I really want you to focus on just going to be of service that people who are in Facebook groups, asking questions, telling their stories, get involved in those conversations.


The second part, a second 20-minute block, which I usually did over my lunch break, was responding to comments.
Once you’re in those comments, people are going to respond. I teach you guys to make sure that when you are commenting and getting involved in conversations, that you always ask questions. Because when you ask a question, you get a response. So, we want to get into a back and forth dialogue with people. That’s how we get into conversations. The way that we do that is by asking questions. So, in my second 20 minute block, I was actually just going back in and answering those questions. So all of that outbound love and value that I had done earlier that morning, I could go in over my lunch break and then, you know, continue those conversations, answer those conversations, answer any of the questions that I got and hope to continue those conversations.


My third 20-minute block was when I managed my inbox.
This meant any incoming messages that I had on had coming in really only got answered once a day. For some of you, that probably makes you want to want to cry – the idea of only checking your inbox once a day.


But I found that if I tried to check my inbox all day long, first of all, I was working all day long. I wasn’t as thoughtful and I couldn’t get as much accomplished because I was trying to be too sporadic in my work. I find that I am much better when I have concentrated blocks. And again, this is intended to be super concentrated effort. In 20 minutes, you can answer a lot of DMS very, very quickly if you’re super concentrated on your effort.


That’s what I did.

Another great way to do this and to do it quickly is to use the voice memo. Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, all of those messaging apps actually have voicemail opportunities where you could just hit record and continue a conversation that you might be having. Remember the goal of the networking funnel is to interact in the group, get into what I want to know, or to answer those questions and get into one-on-one conversations, which of course happened in the direct messages, private messages, PMs, DMS, whatever you call them in the messages.

That’s where the magic happens.
This is the one on one interaction. It starts at the top of the funnel, which is that outbound block. Spending time answering those questions is kind of the middle. And then of course the bottom of my networking funnel was getting into the DMS with people. And so I managed each one of those times, super specifically over the course of the day that allowed me to be specific and get stuff done.  What happens is if you put this hour block on your calendar and you try to do all those things at one time, you will not do any of them.


I can tell you this from experience. If you’re trying to put out outbound comments and the respond to the comments that are coming back and then make sure you’re moving your DMS forward, and you’re building those relationships and qualifying those conversations, you’re not going to do any of them well. You’re not going to be able to get enough outbound activity, response activity, and then DM activity to actually talk to enough people, to qualify people, to find your ideal client.


So yes, this activity, it takes one hour a day. It takes one hour, every single day, working on your business. You can chunk it into those three 20-minute blocks and really work people through your advertising or your networking funnel.


Remember, this is just one part of the puzzle. Of course, we want to be getting into networking chats or connection calls. We want to be booking sales calls, strategy calls, all the different types of calls. That’s what we want to be booking. But this one hour, this dedicated one hour cannot go away.


Once you start booking those calls, this is important. This one hour block should never be removed from your calendar for as long as your business grows, until you’re ready to outsource it to someone in your business. This is the lifeblood of your business. It is one hour per day, one hour per day of super concentrated effort.


Literally can be the total game changer for you and your business. However, we want to make sure that we are leaving time for those additional things like those networking coffees or connection calls, strategy calls, where you’re providing some advice for people to help move them through your funnel. Then of course, there’s just a sales conversation in general. Those are in addition to your hour block, but this hour block is where it starts. The activity that you’re doing here will compound every time you do it. Every day you show up, the more visible you become, the more people that you talked to, the more conversations you have, it starts to compound.


It’s like building a snowman. And I love that. I used this example, because I’ve never actually built a snowman in my life, but when you do, you start with a little tiny snowball and then it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger the more snow that you put on it. All of a sudden, you’ve got this giant snowball!


When you’re rolling, they tell you to roll it and to make the bar, the base of your snowman really, really big. That’s what you’re doing. You’re starting with this little baby piece of snow and you’re rolling it and making it bigger and bigger and bigger. And that is what this hour does inside of your business. Every single day, one hour of super dedicated effort.


For me, it was three 20-minute chunks. I was super intentional with that time and it was a total game changer for my business, for getting clients, for building my one-on-one business, for growing my Facebook group for, and then eventually growing my email list.


I want to make sure that you guys have access to the uncensored sales system and is my proven five step system that starts with lead generation. It is a totally free PDF where I walk you through everything from lead generation discovery, call pitching your services and beyond there’s a link in the notes, make sure that you download that. If you are not yet in our Facebook community, please join us. We’ve recently changed it to ambitious women entrepreneurs, mastering sales skills. So please join us inside of that community. And of course, we would always love for you to follow us on Instagram @UncensoredSales. I look forward to hearing how your one-hour incremental blocks are going for you. See you soon!


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STOP Selling via Email

I want you to stop selling via email.


I know you’ve been told that the money is in building an email list. It’ll make all of your money, build relationships, put out content, and sell to your audience. I want you to stop selling via email. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.


I’m Ryann Dowdy and I am a sales coach. I help brand new entrepreneurs build six figure businesses by mastering their sales conversation and their mindset.


I totally just dropped a bomb on you. And you’re maybe a little concerned and confused about it. What do I mean by stop selling via email? If you are a brand-new service based entrepreneur and you sell a service and you’re still selling via discovery call, what that looks like for you is you probably getting on the phone with a client. You talk through whatever your discovery is, and then you either pitch right there on the phone, or you put together a proposal with ideas and you email it over to the client and then you get ghosted and then you’re chasing, and then you have no action steps. Then you don’t know where you’re going next. It becomes this terrible thing.


Then you tell me, Ryann, I’ve had 12 discovery calls and none of them have bought from me. I don’t know why. The reason that you don’t know why is because you’re trying to sell via email and it doesn’t work at this point in your process.


When I think of selling a via email, I think of those big seven figure entrepreneurs that are telling you to sell via email, they’re selling products and services and, discovery calls and products and different things like that via email. And it’s a very powerful tool at some point in your business.


But if you’re still selling via that discovery call, if you’re still getting on the phone with people or did zoom call or in person and meeting with them one to one and going over the problem that you solve and whether or not you’re a fit to work together, and then you’re putting together a proposal or something along those lines – that CANNOT be done via email. The number one mistake that I see people making is putting together these beautiful proposals that have taken you a lot of time and energy, and then emailing them off and waiting for the potential client to get back to you.


It is the easiest way to get ghosted and you have no leverage whatsoever. Even if somebody does reply and say, I’m not interested, or I can’t afford it, or I went with somebody else.  I truly think that we should always talk through our proposal. I think that this is such an important way to learn how to sell your services and to learn how to hear the objections that you get and how to overcome those objections. So you can get better and better and better every time.


So, the way I teach the discovery call is that we never, ever, ever get off of a discovery call without the next meeting scheduled. And that meeting might be a proposal meeting. Where we’re going to go through a proposal together. Maybe it’s a decision meeting.

Maybe you did pitch right there on the phone, and you’re getting back on the phone to get them to make a decision. Or that meeting may be your first onboarding meeting or your first meeting that they are clients or as they become clients. You want to control the sales process.


When you’re just firing off emails into the internet, without having any kind of planned follow-up step, you’re going to get ghosted. I know that that sucks. I know that you’ve probably experienced that, and there’s nothing we can do about what is in the past. But we can do is look into the future. And in the future, you are a professional with an important offer to make to your potential clients. You are going to walk them through the proposal.


Some of you are going to tell me Ryann, I’ve tried to schedule that meeting and the client just won’t agree to it. And I’m here to tell you if the client won’t agree to it, they already decided that the answer was no. They just couldn’t tell you that.


I am going to give you some tangible examples. So maybe you’re a virtual assistant, a bookkeeper, a digital marketer where everything that you do is custom quote. Meaning you get on the phone with the client, you learn what their needs are. You learn what the problems are and then you put together custom pricing for them. So, what I recommend doing is saying, Hey, a potential client, thank you so much for your time for sharing this information with me. I’m super excited. Here are our next steps. I’m going to take some time. I just need a day or two to put together some ideas for you and put together a proposal based on our conversation today. From there, what I’d love to do is find some time to talk. Today’s Monday let’s chat on Thursday. We can walk through this proposal together. It won’t take us more than 15 or 20 minutes.


That was that’s our next step. And sometimes they say, yes, great. Let’s schedule the meeting. Awesome. Now you have a proposal meeting scheduled. Some of them might tell you, well, no, just go ahead and email over the proposal. And I really encourage you to stand strong and take back your power here and let them know that, Hey, I appreciate that. You know that you want me to just email this over, but I find that it’s actually much more efficient time wise for us to just jump on the phone for 20 minutes and talk through this. Um, you’re probably going have some questions and there might be some point of clarification. So, it’ll actually just be more efficient. If we do this via the phone, are you good to go ahead and schedule on Thursday?


And if again, they push back and they tell you, you know, no, no, no, don’t call me, I’ll call you. I then encourage you to take back your power and say, Hey, listen, potential client. I’m super excited about this opportunity. And I want to be really respectful of your time. If it doesn’t make sense for us to have a second conversation, it means that it’s possible you’ve already made a decision as to whether or not we’re a good fit to work together. So do you want to tell me a little bit more about that?


And I know that that probably feels direct and uncomfortable for you. But it breaks my heart the number of times I see people out there thinking that they’ve got all these proposals out there and there’s all these opportunities and they don’t because they haven’t just really stood in their power and asked for an answer and really told somebody like, no, my time is, my time is valuable and that’s the deal friend.

Your time is valuable. You’re running a business here and you’ve heard that time is money. I would actually argue on that time is more valuable than money because you can’t get it back. So if you waste an hour building a proposal for someone who’s never going to look at it, or isn’t willing to have a conversation with you about it, that is an hour you won’t get back that you could go have a conversation with a different client who IS willing to talk to you.


So I really suggest that we stop selling via email and we stop emailing out proposals and we schedule meetings, scheduled follow ups. You are a professional, you run a business, run your sales process like a professional. And when somebody doesn’t want to follow that with you, that maybe they’re not a fit for you. And that’s a hundred percent okay.


Some other things that I see wind up happening here is you will get a response to the email that says “Hey, we decided to go with a cheaper provider” and you have no opportunity to ask questions and to understand why they made that choice. And while you might, our job is not to turn a no into a yes.


At least if you had gotten that feedback over the phone, you could ask questions and you could understand it and possibly overcome the objection. If you’re not able to overcome the objection, you can use that opportunity to learn more for the next opportunity and the next opportunity. So that’s why I always want us pitching in person meeting over the phone on zoom in person. I want us pitching our services so we can overcome objections so we can answer questions so we can understand the words and the language and the reaction that we get for our potential clients.


Because every time that that happens, we learn something. And every time we learn, we get better. And every time we get better, we get closer and closer and closer to getting that client and to hitting those revenue goals that we really want to meet. I believe that we need to stop selling via email, and that we need to start pitching our services face to face with potential clients until we get to a point where we do have an email list of thousands of people and are selling products, or are introducing or  inviting somebody to a webinar or a workshop or selling a program.


But right now, if you’re selling a custom solution, you should not be selling it via email. You should be selling it face to face. If you are looking for more resources on how to do that, I do implore you to join us over in the sales skills for women in business, Facebook community. I also have a fantastic free resource for you called the uncensored sales system, which is my proven five step system for getting clients. I actually do walk you through the discovery call framework and everything that I just shared with you here today. And then of course, if you’re not following us over on Instagram, we are @uncensoredsales and we would love to see you over there. See you soon!

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How Important is Mindset in Your Business?

Today, I want to talk about three things that you need to believe in to be able to make money in your brand-new service-based business.


My name is Ryann Dowdy and I am a sales coach. I helped brand new entrepreneurs build six figure businesses by mastering your sales conversation and mindset, which means that I 1000% believe that mindset is a mission critical component to making money in your business. And I will be honest. I did not always feel this way when I was brand new to entrepreneurship.


I actually thought that mindset was bogus. I spent 15 years of the corporate world selling leading sales organizations, leading sales teams. I kind of thought that it was BS. I thought it was a lot of hype. I thought it was like a lot of cheerleader stuff.


And I just did not buy in on the mindset piece of business. So imagine when I decided to become an entrepreneur and I learned how important mindset was! It really helps in having success and getting clients in your business, which is why we’re going to have this conversation today.


So why is mindset so important? I’m not going to spend a ton of time walking you through the mechanics of the brain, but I am going to tell you what I know. This is a fantastic quote by Henry Ford. I learned this from Lauren Bolden, who was one of my very first coaches from Free Mama. If you have not checked it out yet, do so. She introduced me to this quote: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t you’re right.”


Which means that mindset is one of the most important things that you need to master in your business if you want to have success. So there are three things that I really want to talk about today that you need to believe in before anyone is going to believe in you.


The first thing you need to believe in is yourself.

You need to believe in your ability to figure things out, your ability to get things done. Some of you are brand new to business, and you’re watching this and you took a course to become a freelancer or a bookkeeper or a copywriter or a web designer or whatever course it was that you took. Maybe you were trying to learn a new skill to offer as a service and you’rejust really struggling to believe in yourself as a service provider. Then there are the others, who were in a role where you did the work that you are offering now in your business, but you’ve never sold it yourself.


Maybe you were a web developer for a company, and you’ve built beautiful websites, but you’ve never had to go out and sell your own services.  This leads to a lack of belief in yourself and your ability to get the job done. Sometimes, it’s not easy to just wake up one morning 100% believe that you can do this. People will spend lots of money for you to help them. But you have to believe in yourself.


What does that mean to believe in yourself?

I really like to think of believing in myself means I believe that I will figure it out no matter what, even if I don’t know how to do it, even if it’s messy, and even if it takes me longer than I thought that it would. I will figure it out no matter what.


So when you’re brand new to business, you don’t have a ton of experience and you haven’t mastered this, and you’re not like a rockstar at what it is that you do. BUT do you believe in your resourcefulness, do you believe your ability to problem solve?

If you’re can problem solve, if you can be resourceful, if you can go out and get it done, then I think that you can 100% believe in yourself. So, it’s a small mindset shift, but it’s super important because my friend, if you don’t believe in yourself, you’re never going to be able to confidently look someone in the eyes and tell them how much money they should pay you for that service. So you have to believe in your ability to get the work done or to figure it out no matter what.


Even if you’re brand new, even if you’ve never done anybody’s books before you can still believe in your ability to problem solve. If you come across a question you don’t know the answer to, you’re going to go find the answer. If you’re a health coach and somebody brings you a question or a challenge that you personally have not overcome, you know that you can go out and do the research, tap into resources and find what your clients need. That is what it means to believe in yourself. Know that no matter what I am going to figure this out. And that is the first thing that you have to believe in if you want people to believe in you and give you money for your services.


The second thing you need to believe in to make money in your business is your service.

You have to believe in the result that your service provides. So we’ve got it. We believe in ourselves and our ability to be resourceful. But remember you are selling results. If you are brand new, you’ve maybe not heard me say this before, but we are selling results.  You’re not selling bookkeeping. You’re selling the results of bookkeeping. You’re not selling life coaching. You’re selling the result of life coaching.


So you really need to believe in your service and the value that it brings to the person that you are selling it to, to be able to confidently ask people for money and make money doing what you do.


I’m a big fan of journaling. That’s a lie. I actually don’t like to journal at all. I don’t like to journal at all, but I have learned that it is mission critical to my success. It’s something that I do every single day. I don’t mean like a dear diary, this is how I’m feeling kind of journal.


I like to just really inspect my thoughts and understand them. So I know that I can change them if I need to. What is really important? The really fun part of mindset is that if you do have some head trash, if you do have some drama, once you’re aware of it, you can definitely get to work to change it. When you are struggling to really believe in the service that you provide, especially if it’s a new service to you, I want you to take a piece of paper and journal.


Maybe you are a copywriter. Then, I want you to write all of the reasons why someone would hire a copywriter and why a copywriter is super valuable to businesses. If you sell a B2C service, maybe you’re a life coach or a health coach or a parenting coach, same thing, write it across the top of the page. Why would people buy what you sell? Why is it important to them? What are they going to get out of working with you? And this is really going to help you build the belief in your service that your services worth investing in, because you have to believe in yourself and that you are worth investing in, but then you also really have to believe in the service that you sell and that it can provide a transformation or really great results. It is worth somebody pulling out their credit card and giving it to you.


The final thing that you need to believe in to make money in your business and to really grow in your business is that people want what you have to offer.

You have to believe that people want what you have to offer. Believe that there are people are out there that will buy it. I so often see people and it just breaks my heart in Facebook groups saying like, Oh gosh, nobody wants what I have to offer. Nobody wants to work with me. Nobody has any money. Nobody can afford it. Nobody sees what I see it as valuable as I do.


Then we start to believe that is true.


We get a couple of no’s or we get a couple of, I can’t afford it or that’s too expensive, or I would never hire that service out. Then, we think, well, no one will. And we often take the opinion of one or two people or a handful of people to me, and that no one will ever buy our services and that our services aren’t valuable and nobody wants what I have to offer. And that there’s just not people out here who see value in this.


I really want you to work through this exercise because it’s important to, because people are going to tell you no, and there are people that are going to think your services are too expensive. There are people that are not a fit to work with you. And that is okay. We are so blessed to live in a world where there’s so many different ways to make money and to come up with solutions.


There are going to be people that are saying no, like I would never hire a copywriter. Why would I do that? I can do it myself. And there’s other people out there that are like, OMG I will never, ever, ever, ever, you know, write my own, copy. I a hundred percent will hire someone for that. And I will pay a premium for it.


If you are struggling with believing the fact that people will give you money, this is something we really need to go to work on. So, small shifts from believing in yourself and believing in your service, it’s believing that people will pay for that service and believing that your people are out there. Guys. There are people out there making money, selling the most ridiculous things in the world.  There are people out there making money, selling potato guns. People will pay for your services.


People will, but you have to believe that they will. And you have to believe that those people are out there. And if you’re hanging out in places where those people are not, you need to go hang out somewhere else, but you need to believe that your people were out there.


One of my favorite thoughts to think about is the idea that there are people out there, one that are willing to buy, but it’s also the idea that I can find a massive transformation for my people. And I only need a handful of people to make money. So we get five or six people who tell us that’s too expensive. Nobody’s ever going to pay you for that. That’s ridiculous. Why would somebody pay somebody to clean their house? But why would somebody pay them to coach them, to get their kid go to bed? Why would somebody pay to do their own social media? Social media is free and it’s easy, right?


There are those people. Those are not your people, but you only need a few people to hit your income goals, right? Depending on the price of your service, six figure business might not be too far away. If the service that you offer is $500, $1500, $2,000 a month. You don’t need that many clients to get to $8,000.


You don’t need everybody. You just need a few people to get to that six figure business. I really want you to think about that. If you keep running into people who don’t believe in your services or thinks that your services are too expensive or that no one would ever invest in them, then you’re just hanging out in the wrong room and you can go hang out somewhere else and hang out with different people who do believe in your services.


So, there are three core things that you need to believe in to make money in your business.

This is why I think that mindset is the most important thing that you can tackle even more than tactics. This is a three-year journey of me being able to say that out loud to you right now, because I I’m a tactical person. I’m type a, I like checklists and to do list. And I remember when I was new in my journey, I was like, just somebody tell me what to do. Step one, step two, step three, step four. And that’s all that I wanted. And the reason, even though I had the tactics, I had a coach. I had all of those resources I was struggling with because I was struggling in the belief. I was struggling in belief in myself.


I was struggling belief in the service that I had to offer. People keep telling me nobody wants to learn sales. Sales is a dirty word. Sales is bad. Nobody’s ever going to pay you to learn that. And then I kept running into people that were like, Oh, that’s way too expensive. And so I just thought that, gosh, this was never going to work for me. But once I learned to believe in myself, once I learned to believe in my service. And once I learned to believe that there are people out there that want what I have to offer my business grew like crazy.


So I want you to go to work on those three beliefs, believe in yourself, believe in your service and believe that there are people out there that want what you have to offer. And then we can plug in the tactics and the strategy and things that are important.


I have our five step system for getting clients called the uncensored sales system. It’s going to give you the five step process from lead generation to closing and onboarding clients are really fantastic. And then finally, if you are not following us over on Instagram, we’re @UncensoredSales or we are on Facebook in the sales skills for women in business, Facebook community. We would love to connect with you and all of those places. See you soon!

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