Do You Need a Niche?!?



We are going to talk about needing a niche in your service based business.


Do I need a niche to be able to go out and get clients as a brand-new entrepreneur?
I actually do not think that it’s really important for you early on to determine exactly who you want to serve, because I think that it changes over time.

My name is Ryan Dowdy. I am a sales coach and, I help brand new entrepreneurs build businesses that actually make money by mastering your sales conversations and your sales mindset.


Do I need a niche to get clients? I get asked this a lot from those of you out there that are brand new, because you’ve probably read a lot of content or watched a lot of videos or trainings that have talked about going out and networking with your ideal client. It’s actually the biggest piece of advice that I give to people. But then the block becomes, “well, I don’t know who my ideal client is yet.”

“I need to choose a niche before I start doing the networking” – no, no, no, please don’t wait to start networking.  I honestly think that even if you were to make a choice right now in your business before you’re making consistent, you know, 5,000, six thousand eight thousand dollars a month, that your niche will change. Like I know that mine did. And many of the women that I work with inside my programs there’s have changed as well. Because as you grow and learn and work with more clients in different ways, in different capacities, you’re definitely going to learn new things and make some different choices.


So, I do not think it is important to choose exactly who you want to work with early on. I think it is more important for you to focus on the problem that you solve early on in your business.  Essentially that means, for example, if you are a virtual assistant and you help business owners, any kind of business owner, with their back-office tasks, you will come in, you’ll check email, you’ll check calendars. You’ll really just kind of handle day to day admin, booking meetings, and all of that different stuff for them.


So, it’s just basic admin and that’s awesome. And I think that’s fantastic, but you don’t necessarily know who you want to serve yet. Do you want to work with online entrepreneurs, or traditional entrepreneurs? If you don’t know yet, THAT’S OKAY! This is where so many people get stuck. They’re like, well, I know what I want to do X, but I don’t know who I want to serve. So I can’t go network. I can’t go talk to people. I will implore you to just go talk to anyone about your business right now, because you will learn as you go. But it goes back to understanding the problem that you solve.  This is one thing I do think you need to be clear on. What is going on in a potential client’s life that they would need to hire you?


I believe that it’s probably been proven that people buy based on emotion and they justify with logic. So logically it would be fantastic to have a virtual assistant to check my email and schedule meetings for me. That sounds fantastic!  But that is not actually the reason why people will pay a virtual assistant every single month. They pay because there is a bigger pain point there. And it is an emotional pain point and is a pain point that plagues them often. That is why people buy. We buy to solve problems.

That is why I want you, when you go out into the world and start networking and talking to people, is to get clients to not worry so much about, “am I talking to the right person?”

Don’t think about how these people have online businesses and these people have in person businesses. I don’t know if I want to work with men or women or both.

You’re using that to really be the reason why you’re not talking to people, but I encourage you to talk to all of the people and then focus on the problem that you solve. Because when you become a problem solver, there’s probably lots of different people that have that problem. You can literally build your business to six figures without really choosing exactly who you want to work with. I know that I did! I determined early on that I wanted to work with women, but that was really it. I knew that I had women who weren’t making as much money in their businesses. That was a specific as I had gotten up until I really started to grow and get more clients and work with more people and develops my systems and processes and figure out who got the best results from working with me.

And I will encourage you to do the same thing because you’re going to learn different things as you go. Each client that you get, and each new opportunity that you have, you’re going to learn something about that client or about that industry or about yourself, or you’re going to get better and better as you develop your skills. You’re going to decide you don’t just want to be a general admin VA. Instead you’ll think, I want to get really specific and work on systems and processes for my clients.


Please don’t get hung up on the virtual assistant example here, but the more that you work with clients, and the more experience that you get, the more you’re going to learn about yourself and the more skills you’re going to get. The more skills that you have, the more specific you could be.

Ultimately, the more specific you are, the more that you can charge. I do not believe that you need anything specific early on in your business. I do believe that you need to have a good understanding of the problem that you solve, the emotional problem that you solve for your ideal client.


I think that is enough to go out into the world and talk to a lot of different people. You can serve a lot of different people with the services that you have. Then, as you grow, you can decide to make those changes. If you have not yet, I would love it for you to check out my totally free PDF that teaches you my five step system for getting clients. It’s totally free.


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We’d love to know your thoughts on niche and where you’re at in your business. We love learning more about you!

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Where to Spend Time as a Business Owner

 Let’s talk about where to spend your time when you are a brand-new entrepreneur.

You know that you want to get clients, you know, that you want to grow your business, but you have no idea where to start. When you sit down in front of your computer every single day, I feel you. We are going to talk about how you can be really intentional with your time, even when you are brand new.

I am Ryann Dowdy. I am a sales coach and I help brand new entrepreneurs build six figure businesses by mastering your sales conversations and your sales mindset.

Today’s topic is going to be short because when you’re brand new to business, there’s not a lot of different things you should be doing, but it’s important to be intentional about your time. So, the first piece of advice I want to give you about time management is deciding how much time you want to give.

How much time do you want to spend on your business right now? Maybe you’re working your business full time. Maybe you are growing your business alongside a full time job. Maybe you are home with your kids. There’s a lot of different instances going on, which is why I’m not going to tell you to dedicate X amount of time to your business. But I want you to decide what is right.

How much time do you have? I’m going to take 10 hours as an example. Let’s say you’ve decided to dedicate 10 hours every single week to your service-based business. This is a perfect example if you’re growing your business alongside a full-time job. Of 10 hours, how will you spend each one? So if you have no clients, none of that time is dedicated to client work, which means you have 10 hours to sell and market your business.


If you read last week’s topic, you know that there’s actually only three types of content you should be creating until you hit a $100k and that should only take you about an hour.  So, one hour is spent on content creation. That means you have nine hours left to spend on your business this week. I would also recommend spending an hour or two every single week learning. Whether that’s learning sales, whether that’s learning, marketing, whether that’s learning your craft, whatever that looks like for you, podcasts, YouTube courses, books, I don’t care. I’m a huge fan of personal and professional development. I think it is mission critical when you’re brand new to business to make sure you continue to learn and continue to feed your brain really intentional, positive information.

That’s going to help you move forward. So, if we’ve got 10 hours and we’re spending one hour on content creation and one hour on learning, that means we have eight hours left in our week. What do we do with those eight hours? My friend, those eight hours are spent on revenue generating activity, and sales activity in your business. That is where you should be spending the lion’s share of your time. Spend it on activities that make you money. What activities make you money in your business when you’re brand new to business? The activity that makes you money, my friends is talking to people. You should be spending eight hours a week talking to people. And whether that is in person, whether that is in Facebook groups, on Instagram, on LinkedIn, whether that’s on zoom calls and coffee chats, eight hours of your time should be spent talking to people.


The only way we get clients is by talking to people by building relationships.
So, in order to build relationships, we have to talk to people, and we can’t just talk at them, right? That’s what we’ve talked about with content creation. We can’t just put out content and assume that people are going to want to work with us. So, we have to go out and intentionally talk to people and network. In a post pandemic world, maybe that’s done at in person networking events. Maybe you go to your local chamber of commerce. Maybe you join a BNI. Maybe you join the local networking organization. That would be awesome! But if you’re not doing that, you can definitely, spend your time at networking on social media. And I think social media is such a fantastic place to network.


And the reason for that is there are literally millions and millions of people on social media that likely fit the profile of your ideal client. Or if you’re still trying to figure out who your ideal client is, the good news is there’s a lot of trial and error because there are so many people to talk to. So when you’re brand new to business and you’re looking at your calendar and decide I’ve got 10 hours a week to spend on my business, 80% of that time should be spent on selling and revenue generating activity. This involves talking to people.

Now, we can’t just go out and talk to people without making invitations. Make Offers. Maybe you’ve heard somebody use those words before. So we can’t just go talk to people. We have to invite people into our world, and we have to book sales conversations.

That is the objective of those eight hours. You’re not just be messing with people. You’re not just making friends. While making friends is important, when you see opportunities, when you see people that need your help, when you see people that have the problem that you solve, it is okay to say, Hey, that’s a problem that I solve for clients. I’d really love to have a conversation to see if that’s something I could help you with, or are you looking for help with that? Because that’s a problem that I solve for people.


So, we can’t just talk to people in those eight hours. We do have to invite them into our world. And our goal is to book sales conversations, to get into what they call the discovery call. The discovery call, console, call strategy session, whatever it is you want to call it in your business.


It’s a sales conversation.


The only way that we book sales conversations is by inviting people into them, by letting them know that that is something that you’ve offered that it’s available, that you’re open for business, which is why that content that we talked about last week is really important.

If you are hanging out on Facebook, people follow you back to our profile. (And, you’ve been putting out this content that is valuable, right?) That we show people that we know what we’re talking about. We’ve been educating people about our industry and we’ve been telling them we’ve been connecting with people. We’ve been talking about ourselves, and letting people know that you’re open for business, that you are accepting clients, that you do free sales calls, that you get on the phone with people and determine if they’re a fit.

You have to let people know that you are available. That is one of the most missed things that I see. We go out and talk to people. We’re not inviting them into our world. We have to invite them in. We have to tell them what to do. We have to tell them we’re available to help them. We have to tell them that we book these calls and we do that by inviting them in.


I hope that this is really helpful in helping you create your moneymaking schedule in your business. If you would like to continue this conversation and you want a ton more free training, I would love if you would join us over in the Sales Skills for Women in Business, Facebook community, if you’re on Instagram, we’re @UncensoredSales. And then I also have a fantastic PDF, which is my five step process. My proven system for getting clients. It’s called the Uncensored Sales System. See you next week!


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The Only 3 Types of Content You Should be Creating Until you hit $100k in your business

Hello, amazing woman in business.

I am super excited that you’re here today.

I’m going to teach you the only three kinds of content that you need to create in your online business until you’re making $100k.

I’m going to give you three really clear examples of the best way for you to establish trust, credibility, and build relationships with potential clients without spending hours and hours and hours behind your computer, pushing out content. Sound good? Awesome.

My name is Ryan Dowdy and I am a sales coach, and I specifically work with brand new entrepreneurs like you to help you build a business that makes money by mastering your sales conversations and your sales mindset.

You probably, much like me when I was early on in my journey, watched a lot of YouTube videos, listened to a lot of podcasts, and followed a lot of influencers that told you to put out content, start a blog, start a podcast, and start a YouTube channel. I truly believe that until you make $100k, none of those things are necessary in your business.


Because when you’re brand new in business, there is nobody watching your content. There is nobody reading your content. There’s nobody visiting your website. There’s nobody listening to your podcast. And I know that that may sound a little frustrating and you’re like, wait, but, um… and I hear you, but just stick with me here. Your first few clients, maybe your first three, five, six clients are going to come from sales. They’ll come from human to human connection from going out into the world! Whether digitally, or in person and connecting to people, build relationships, and then, when appropriate have sales conversations. This has nothing to do with your blog, nothing to do with your podcast, and nothing to do with your YouTube video.

To be honest with you, early on in your business, your business is going to evolve and change so many times over the coming weeks, months, and years, that even if you were to start all of those things, they would change. I know that because that happened to me! When I started the sales coaching business, it was actually a career and life coaching business for women in their early twenties. Obviously over time, it evolved. I figured out where I really needed to be. So, I really strongly encourage you to stick to these three things:

#1 Content that Creates Value.

What do we mean by that? How do we create value in our content? I like to think of this as your best tips, tricks and ideas. I am of the belief that you cannot give away too much.

I do not think we can give away too much for free. So if you are a freelancer and you are really fantastic at setting up email sequences, maybe you put out a really great social post that is about the top three things to think about when setting up your email sequence. You’re not giving away the information, and they won’t hire you. You’re showing them that, you know what you’re talking about. You’re building trust. You’re building credibility. You’re building authority because you know something about something. Or maybe you’re a bookkeeper and you really love to use QuickBooks. Maybe you put out a top five or a checklist on all the things that you need to set up QuickBooks online. Super valuable piece of content, super easy, and should not take you a ton of time.

Now, where do I put this content? That’s going to be your next question. I know. And it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter where you put the content. It’s where you’re networking from. So, if you’re hanging out on Facebook, and that’s how you’re connecting, put it out on Facebook. Instagram? Put it out on Instagram. If you’re hanging out on LinkedIn, put it out on LinkedIn. If you’re meeting people in person, LinkedIn is probably going to be your platform anyway. It really doesn’t matter what platform you use. Use the platform where you are networking and connecting from and where you’re spending the most time.

#2 Educational Content

So Ryann, what’s the difference between value, content and educational content?

So glad you asked. Value content is you teaching your craft. Education content is teaching about what you do. There are so many people out there that don’t know what a virtual assistant does. There’s a lot of people out there that don’t know that there are online bookkeepers and social media managers and what that job might look like. Digital marketers, whatever it is that you do, you have to educate people that it’s even available. There are so many people out there, whether they’re running in-person businesses or online businesses, that don’t know that you exist.

You want to educate them on your industry, educate them on the things that you’re really, really good at, educate them on all of the things that are available to them by having access to whatever it is that you do. So, remember, providing value is teaching all the stuff that you’re really good at, and educational is educating potential clients that the work that you do is even available.

#3 Connection

People do business with people. They want to feel connected with you. They want to feel like they know you. You’ve probably heard before the know like, and trust factor. Know, like, and trust. How do we get to know someone, like someone, and trust someone? We have to know them as a person.

So we’ve built authority, right? We provided some value. We’ve educated them that your industry is available in there to serve them. But then, they have to get to know you. And not just you, the business owner, it’s you, the person. Don’t be afraid to lean into being a real human. As a corporate America dropout, I 1000% struggled with this early on in my business journey. I struggled with telling my story about being a mom. I struggled with showing up in a flannel shirt!

I came very polished from a director level corporate job and really had to lean into being myself. The more that I leaned into being myself, and the more that I leaned into telling my story, the more clients I’ve been able to get. Why? Because people are able to build a relationship with me very quickly. Because when I’m out networking, they can come back to my profile and learn everything they need to know about me. They see the great value that I put out into the world. They know that a sales coach is available to them. They also know that I am a wife and a mom and a Christian because I’m constantly putting out those things.

So, valuable content, educational content, and connection content.

That is the only kind of content I truly believe that you need if you are making less than $100k. You should not be spending more than 30 minutes to 60 minutes a week putting out content.

I know that that might be a huge shift, and that might feel really scary to you because you’ve been hiding behind your content for the past six months (and you’ve been calling that productivity),

But, what is most productive until you hit consistent $8,000 months is really going out and connecting with people and serving and answering questions and networking, wherever that is for you.

If you are struggling with your sales process, I have the link for you to my five step proven process. It is jam packed with my exact sales process. This sales process is really going to teach you what do we do once we have leads.

If you want to join a community of other women, just like you, that are growing online service based businesses, you can join us over in the sales skills for women in business community. We would love to have you.

Finally, if you enjoy hanging out on Instagram, follow us @uncensoredsales, we’re constantly putting out sales tips and ideas, and we look forward to seeing you!


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