You’re a smart business owner. You’re confident in your ability to serve your dream client. You’re ambitious, organized, and driven.

But - sales makes you uncomfortable.

You’re not sure what to say or do to convey your value to your prospects. The money conversation is even worse. Handling objections sounds foreign to you.

Sales isn't about being pushy. It isn't about forcing someone to do business with you. It's not about making conversation with strangers at the grocery store and constantly asking your friends and family for referrals.

Selling is Helping. Helping people make decisions. Helping people make educated choices. Helping people reach their goals. Helping people make a change in their business or their life. I can help.

Simply put, I help female entrepreneurs master their sales conversations. 

In turn - they can help more people, work with more clients, and make more money.


Who Do I Serve?

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Corporate Sales Teams

I work with clients that need help increasing revenue and improving their sales skills and processes.

Whether you need help conducting an effective discovery call, pricing your services, training your sales people, or handling objections – Uncensored Consulting can help.

Selling can be hard.

Rejection makes it feel impossible to grow your business. Having ongoing support and development will increase revenue and help you hit your goals.

Today’s buyer is smart.

They have access to unlimited online resources. They receive dozens of sales calls, emails, and LinkedIn messages promising them a cheaper, faster, better solution. Getting the attention of your Dream Client can feel really hard. It’s even harder if you aren’t confident in your process, you’re not sure what questions to ask, and struggle to articulate the value or outcome you provide for your clients.

Good news.

Sales is a skill set that you can learn. Developing a repeatable process removes some of the stress and negative emotions around sales. Having specific ways to present your solutions and discussing money takes the pressure off.

Confidence is the key amazing sales conversations.


Hiring a sales coach can help you in a lot of ways. Most importantly, it will help you transform your business and hit your income and growth goals.

Without feeling pushy, sleazy, or uncomfortable. Without hitting your friends and family up for business all of the time. Without the constant fear of making enough money.